Don’t Let Worry Kill Your Giggle

Are you suffering from Chronic Giggle Deficiency?

1.  Do you get wrapped up in worry, fear and anger?

2.  Do you find yourself wanting to scream, yell and throw things (plates, glasses or alarm clocks)?

3.  Do you feel like your emotional world is bitch-slapping you in the face and upside your head?

4.  Has stress threatened to kill your giggle?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, don’t fear, you are not alone. I answered “YES” to all four.  To remedy my situation I created my own prescription to release worry; one part nature, one part exercise and one part laughter.

Oh-vey, the pressure!

My friend “J” sweetly yet forcefully chastised me for neglecting my blog these past few weeks. She said, “What the hell is up with no new post since the 19th of June?”

When I started this web site a year ago, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I dove into the sea of possibility and didn’t bother to check the depth or the water temperature. I gotta be honest. Creating, running and managing a web site is a lot more work than I anticipated. Do I have enough creativity, energy and zest to keep going? Only time will tell.

On the advice of blogger friend, I decided to take a break from my blog for a few weeks for mental health reasons. I worry about my housing situation, the ups and downs of my love life, the economy, my business, world affairs (damn you North Korea), keeping up with my own blog, commitments I made for fund-raising and charity work and my inability to locate a purple whoopee cushion. If anyone sees a purple whoopee cushion, PLEASE alert me right away. *giggle*

Knowing I was at risk for a mental meltdown of major proportions (say that 3 times fast), I took a few steps back from the self-imposed pressure I’ve been placing on myself. I went underground (means: away from the computer, my web site and email) to save my sanity and resuscitate my giggle. It worked.

DeFrag Yourself and Press the RESET button

I walked away from my computer and went back to nature. I have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. Fresh air does me a world of good and helps me press my personal mental RESET button. Actually, being outside is more like running an emotional defrag and anti-virus test. Once those steps are complete, I mentally hit CTL ALT DEL and flow back into the giggle. It magic. Pure magic.

iStock_000000796969LargeIf you find yourself in a sea of stress (or just step your foot in a puddle of trouble) go outside, breathe some fresh air, lay down in the grass, take a long walk, paddle in your kayak, play golf, and use every opportunity to find relief in the Ha Ha Ha’s and Ho Ho Ho’s of laughter.


  1. Try Laughter Yoga
  2. Create your own Tips to Have Fun list. Only YOU know what you like. Only you know what makes you laugh and only you can prevent forest fires. *laughing*
  3. Watch Your Favorite Comedy Movie

Giggle On!



  1. Are you unpoopular? Do you pop out at parties? Then you need Vita-Meata-Vegamin. Or Laughter Yoga (Christa, I just had to add to the list). Good post!

    • @ Beth – Giggle back sista!
      @ Svasti – You are right, I am putting too much pressure on myself. Frankly, I am amazed how much you are able to write and blog. I envy your ability to write well and so prolifically. Fun, it IS supposed to be fun. Yes, yes!
      @ Lg Marge – No apology needed, ever. It’s all good. A bit of time off and some tree and grass therapy worked wonders. Hugs to you!
      @JD – I may have to spray paint a regular whoopie cushion, good idea. You’re BRILLIANT. I can see your new post now…I spray painted a whoopie cushion purple so you don’t have to! LOL
      @ Carol – Thanks for the support Carol. You are an inspiration with News4Women. Frankly, I dunno how you manage to run two business AND look so great in the process. Cheers to you!

      Note: I spent the weekend cleaning my house and moving my office. It’s ONWARD and upward for me and the Rosie. My house went on the market last Friday. Send your “sell quickly and for my asking price” vibes my way…if you please. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you’re back, because it sounds like you did indeed go and find a bit of balance again. Yay you!

    Personally I think you’re putting way too much pressure on yourself with your website here. Let it be what it is. Its meant to be fun, not hard work!!

    Anyway, keep on taking it easy and having fun and good luck with finding that whoopie cushion!! 😉
    .-= Svasti´s last blog ..Illumination =-.

  3. Hey Gigglygirl – I have been out of touch and am sorry you have been feeling blue – glad to see you used the good ole outdoors for therapy. I do the same thing and it works wonders.
    I know there has got to be a purple whoopie cushion out there….
    Big Hugs

  4. I’m right there with you girlfriend- we who have great vision and energy don’t always factor in the many details necessary along the way to success. Hang in and ask for a little help from your friends when you need it!

  5. Christa, honestly, you should see the stuff sitting half-written in various working files I have! I don’t know where it comes from either. Well, that’s not entirely true, there was a lot waiting there for me to say, and I’ve always been ridiculously expressive, possibly too verbose. I’m on an endless quest to write nice, short posts!

    But let me say the one thing I’ve learned with the whole blogging game is you can’t model your blog’s style, speed or volume of posting etc, against anyone else’s.

    Its your dang blog, isn’t it? Post at whatever speed works for you. And yes, it is supposed to be fun. So if its not fun, find a way that works for you so it is fun! 😉
    .-= Svasti´s last blog ..No return… =-.

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