WHYY Interview: Coping with Life’s Challenges

On April 1, 2009, Nancy Karibjanian from WHYY interviewed me for a segment called Newsmakers on a program called Delaware Tonight.

The title of the segment is Coping with Life’s Challenges.

It’s now 6 months later and thanks to Ray Buchta from Delaware Digital Video Factory, I am finally posting the video here at Thanks Ray!


Thanks, Thanks and Thanks again

Thank Carol Arnott, from News4Women, for contacting WHYY on my behalf. Without Carol’s help this interview would have never happened. I also want to thank Megan Pinto, Nancy Karibjanian and WHYY for giving me permission to use this footage. Thank you to my pal, Francesca, at CMP Designs in Trolley Square for taming and beautifying my hair for the taping. She worked magic on my mop!

Team Giggle On E-Eaces the Blues

Team Giggle On is still accepting new members for the October 25th E-Eacing the Blues walk in Wilmington, Delaware. This charity event benefits the Mental Health Association in Delaware. If you live out of state or far-far-away and want to participate by making a financial contribution to Team Giggle On, I would be most grateful.

My Silver Lining, Kelli Karlton

I would also like to acknowledge and thank my friend, partner and co-captain for Team Giggle On, Kelli Karlton, for her support with Giggle On, her dedication to raising awareness about mental health issues and her leadership and commitment to the Support Group for Survivors of Suicide Loss. Kelli and I were brought together because of the loss of our loved ones and we gained a beautiful friendship. There is ALWAYS a silver lining!

Laugh Off Stress with Christa

If you’d like to laugh off some stress with me in a Laughter Yoga class, come out to the Hindu Temple in Hockessin, Delaware, Wednesday night at 6:15 pm. All you need is a willingness to laugh – I’ll help you with the rest.

Remember: Don’t Give Up! Giggle On!

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  1. Awesome job Christa! I am so impressed with the interview – you look fabulous in purple I might add (not that you didn’t know that). I recently used your “giggle through it” mantra for a stressful situation – I’ll share in more detail later… 🙂

  2. Oh My Goddesses Above and Below! The camera loves you!

    Christa, thank you for posting this television interview. It was a joy to see you in action — so poised, pretty and professional in purple. Can you get invited back to promote some of your other projects? Like E-Racing the Blues? We want you back on the news spreading the word about all of your amazing contributions in this world.

  3. @ Lg Marge – Thanks, I do radiate in purple. I often bathe in it as well, it brings out the olive tones in my Paisan skin. *laughing* I can’t wait to hear how you “Giggled THROUGH it”. Wish you lived closer – you’d LOVE LOVE LOVE the Laughter Yoga class.

    @ Carmela – this video is a far cry from the impromptu Flip Camera segment I taped on Caroline’s porch (the one with Dashboard Jesus, the Magic 8 Ball and the Millionaire pills). The show, Delaware Tonight, was canceled (boo hoo) but I’m sure the Ghost of Mr. DeMille 9I’m ready for my close-up) will offer other opportunities. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the interview. Marvellous work!

    Also, my Aussie drawl woulda pronounced your surname as “Scah-leees” instea of the much quicker way of saying “Skalis”. I stand corrected 😉
    .-= Svasti´s last blog ..Un-caffeinated =-.

    • @ JD – delicious huh? You’re so funny. I do clean up well but honestly prefer wearing yoga clothes, not monkey suits, but thanks!

      @ Svasti – yeah, my last name has been a challenge for people to pronounce for years – I’m happy if they can simply get my first name right…*giggle*

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