Twitter Delivers Real Content

I am addicted to Twitter. I admit it. This morning my appetite for real content was satiated thanks to Ryan Maguire (@ryjmag), current Social Media Strategist at Princeton, former Social Media guy at The University of Delaware.

Thank you Ryan for RTing this one from Meaghan Downs:

Granted, a lot of the content on Twitter is negative and trashy. One often needs to scroll through nonsense to reach relevant content. Don’t even get me started about Facebook. I could rant on that platform for hours.

Back to Student Health

Since I am passionate about mental health awareness and suicide prevention, specifically high school and college students, I was hopeful to find real content in Meaghan Downs’ link.  I clicked away and saw this:


Sadly my immediate thought was, “I know this. I know.

Article author, Rachel Zimmerman, states:

2015-02-06_1054Studies and articles like this encourage me to go forth with Giggle On’s mental health and wellness outreach efforts on campuses around the country.

Students need to know they’re not alone in their battles against anxiety, depression and stress. They also need to connect with other students in a positive and meaningful way.

Frankly, I would like to see colleges regularly offer classes in Emotional Resiliency and Mental Health First Aid. If you know of any college offering incoming freshmen a course in Mental Health First Aid, please leave a comment and let me know.

I gotta thank people like Ryan for helping publish this press release last year. With a click of a post, Ryan helped us market a mental health awareness and stress reduction event on the University of Delaware’s campus called, “Giggle On the Green.” Our success with that event prompted the university to invite us back for 1743 Days to help incoming freshmen relieve stress and provide mental health information and resources.

Are you a college student dealing with depression? Leave a comment below and let us know how you would like your college or university to serve and support you better.


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