The Transition Commission

Change is coming.

No, not the kind that jingles and jangles in our pockets and definitely not the the kind of “change we can believe in”. I am speaking of personal transformation.

Every second of each day we become different. Some of the alteration happens naturally, like shedding of old skin. We also intentionally create change in our lives by our thoughts and actions.

This web site, my silly little blog with a message, is ready for change. Lately I find I have just enough time to Tweet and update the Facebook Giggle On page. And maybe, just maybe, that’s enough for now.

Going forward my posts will be shorter, sweeter and simpler – more Tweet-like perhaps. When I find something that  tickles my funny bone, like a joke, a video or inspirational phrase, I will share it here.

No one needs the “Don’t Give Up. Giggle On!” message than I do. I plan to dedicate time to keeping myself amused and happy.  If you care to join me for the ride, you are most welcome.

With love,

Christa, Head of the Transition Commission at Giggle On

P.S.  In the spirit of laughter, I leave you with this…

Giggle On!


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