So I said to myself…self!

I confess…

Me-thinks I’ve been taking on too much.

In an effort to spread the word about my mission and create something where nothing existed before, I found myself these last few days feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

I wasn’t going to admit it to myself, let alone my readers but considering a good portion of my life was open for discussion in the News Journal article, why hide being real now?

Auntie Em, It’s a Twister

My home office aka, the Giggle On hub, looks like Kansas during tornado season. I picture Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz saying “Auntie Em, It’s a Twister, It’s a Twister“. If my grandmother were alive, she would NOT approve of the mess.

I have been plowing ahead, meeting with this person, that person, sending emails, doing research, reading, asking for advice, getting advice, dealing with drama about support groups and being sucked into the black hole called the Internet in an effort to educate myself.

The Internet is a groovy thing and yet sometimes, I just want to smash my PC into bits.

Am I addicted to my computer? Anyone else feel the same way?

What advice do I give myself? What would Christa do?

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Here’s a thought….


I spent years of my life in a state of unrest, unhappiness and utter confusion.


Am I rushing about trying to make up for lost time?

Who the hell knows? *laughing*

I remind myself about mindfulness. I tell myself…”self, enjoy the process on the path. Whatever happens will be the best possible thing. Everything is gonna be alright.

Thoughts create reality

I ask and allow thoughts of peace, calm and knowing into my mind.

I release thoughts of confusion, anxiety and un-knowing from my mind into the universe.

Being frazzled does serve me!

*whew*  Feels good to get that out.


I’m going to pick up my clown nose, shake my booty and breathe. After all, today is World Laughter Day – the perfect day to remember about being playful.

I recall my New Years Resolution to super-size my smile. I feel my mouth turn at each corner and a grin emerges. 🙂 I let out a big Ha Ha Ha straight from my belly.
Cartoon by

Happy World Laughter Day to all of you!

Giggle On!

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  1. Good things come to those who wait…
    WE – YES, WE, WILL, WE WILL get an awesome organization together, everything takes time – we are at the early stages…tiny steps, take small steps – WE WILL GET THERE!

  2. Good Sunday Christa…

    Amazingly you are hitting “that” wall. Realizing you are human and do not have unlimited personal resources. Been there! But a tough lesson to learn.

    Christa it is important to realize that in this crazy world YOU are the most important person. NOT anyone else. YOU! If you do not take care of YOU, you cannot do what you need to do.

    Sometimes that means you have to slow down and do things for you. Maybe even put aside your prime direction for a bit and recharge the batteries.

    You are a strong gal with super resources. Let your friends be there for you, distract you and help you have some fun.

    Just heard a talk that we all, adults and kids, need to play. Need to have fun, enjoy ourselves.

    You are doing a great job, Christa. Just remember to take care of you.

    The Voice of Experience…Carry

  3. I always find (especially lately) that getting back to basics works for me. A cycle, spending time near water, or just in nature. Yoga, breathing. And just keeping that up til I feel strong enough again.

    As you know, I’m feeling all of this right along with you. Crazy old times!!

    Today, I actually feel like I might even vacuum the house, then get out of here and do something nice for myself instead of quivering under the bedsheets! 😉

    As you’ve said to me before, DON’T GIVE UP, but perhaps just take an entirely different tack!!

    Svastis last blog post..Mutant zombie people

  4. Thank you for your visit to my site, Christa. It is nice to see your blog. This is a wonderful community you have built here, and I am glad there are folks like you trying to make the web, and world, a better place. I work in the mental health field and find that a good laugh helps us all to maintain, even when we aren’t sure what to do.

    Joshs last blog post..Retrograde…relief?

  5. I’m gonna pull out the word “verve”….just because I think it’s appropriate here, and I love to say it…”veeerrrve”….
    When people like you and I find something or some notion that we’re passionate about, we approach it with tremendous “VERVE”. It’s almost like an addiction in a way.
    I think the good news here is that it’s all for the right reasons: we want to share great news or help others as soon as possible…and you have great passion for this, Christa. It’s what makes you, YOUUUUU!
    I’m all for the deep whoopie cushion breathing with hat technique. A good friend of mine taught me all that, and I love her for it. <3

    • @ Kelli – Yes, baby steps. Baby steps.

      @ Carry – Your Voice of Experience holds a lot of weight with me. I am taking your advice to heart. I do play every day, in one way or another, but I am doing too much and need to “take baby steps” as Kelli says.

      @ Svasti – You are the Aussie queen of wisdom. Everyone, meet Svasti and check out her blog. I just stopped by today to get some helping hands (like a thousand) from Guan Yin, the bodhisattva of compassion. Thanks for the diversion girl. Perfect. I won’t give up if you won’t, ok?

      @ Josh – Means a lot to me you stopped by and more so knowing your are in the mental health field and a fellow laughter lover. Please, stop by and visit again. You are most welcome here.

      @ Annie – Verve. Good word. I admit, I have an addictive personality. When Anita commented that a “self-inflicted” addiction caused her father’s death, I stopped to think. Am I addicted to my own message? To my own computer? Argh! That’s cwazy wabbit. I didn’t attach myself to the computer this weekend and that’s a good thing…now where did I put my Whoopi cushion?

  6. Christa,

    If you’re anything like me( and I assume that most of you are…more than you’d care to admit)! Sometimes your self esteem gets low…low to the point where you feel you have to prove to the whole world that you can do anything.I purchased a book this weekend called the Four Aggrements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I won’t get too much into it but after having read it,I can away with feeling that I have nothing to prove to anyone but myself…and I need to be a lot kinder to myself because no one else will. Take care and slow down hon…Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have a great network of supporters and gaurdian angels up above to help you.

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