Ho Ho Ho (does Jesus eat cake?)

Merry Christmas (to those of you who do that sort of thing) and for everyone else I say (the politically correct version), Ho Ho Ho! Oh…and Happy Birthday Jesus! I mean, it is his day. Giggle On birthday dude! Note:  Recovering Catholics like me can safely say “Giggle On” to Jesus and refer to him as a “dude” without fear…

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Merry Christa-mas, Ooops SITSmas

This Christa-mas, ooops SITSmas card is going out to you Giggle On! and SITS fans early as part of the SITS (Secret is in the Sauce) Merry SITSmas Card Cheer Blitz and prize give-a-way. [Did I get that right Tiffany and Heather?] Sending out Christmas cards early is a mahvelous idea! I call this my Retro Psycho Hallmark Christmas Moment. Here I am doing…

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