Look fabulicious, fashionable and flirty!


Jen, at Just, helped transform the Giggle On logo into a masterpiece of sparkly girly razzle dazzle Swarovski crystal flirty fun!

Feel-Good Fashion

The rhinestone “bling-bling” shirts were my hair stylist friend Francesca’s idea. Francesca, the model on this page, is my biggest Giggle On fan and the best hair dresser in Wilmington. Months ago she asked me if she could add my logo to a long sleeve black t-shirt.

I knew spreading the Giggle On message in flirty rhinestone style would be loads of fun. In a matter of days, I entered the Feel-Good fashion industry! The fun is just beginning.


Look fabulicious, fashionable, flirty!

Wear this shirt out on the town out with your best girlfriends, on a date with that special guy, to the office on casual Friday or to your favorite special event!

You will smile while wearing this unique Feel-Good fashion t-shirt!


People will smile back at you!

A portion of the proceeds Giggle On receives from the sale of each shirt will be donated to the suicide prevention, survivor support and grief recovery organizations. These causes are near and dear to my heart because of my dearly departed buddy, Jim.

Jim wouldn’t have been caught walking around Wilmington wearing a bling-bling shirt with red lips but he sure appreciated seeing pretty ladies dressed up, strutting their stuff and smiling for the cameras! I have no doubt he’ll be looking down from his cloud in heaven (or from his Harley) whistling at anyone who wears it.

Since it is winter and cold in my Delaware world, the first round of rhinestone t-shirts are long sleeve. I opted for black because it is stylish, slimming and the design illuminates on the black background. We plan to roll out some short sleeved t-shirts and tanks just in time for spring and summer.

Giggle On girl! Giggle On!

Wearing this unique Giggle On t-shirt will make you feel happy and playful.

Besides, you will look fabulicious, fashionable and flirty!

Visit Just Jen and order a shirt or two for yourself and pick one up for your mom, sister, aunt, daughter, cousin, wife, partner, girlfriend, grandma and your best friend. They will love it!

Share Your Fun-Loving Spirit & Love for Feel-Good Fashion with the world!

Order Your Shirt Today!

Francesca in her “Peace Out” Giggle On pose!


  1. Christa..neat shirt for the ladies. I am with Jim..rather look at than wear!

    Question: Where do you find these beautiful models…gotta be the pasta!!!


  2. So I wore my FABULOUS Giggle On! shirt last night while at a reunion event with old co-workers/friends. Not only did they all love the shirt (and the way it made my enormous boobs look even more enormous!), but it was a great way to start talking about GiggleOn! There is NOTHING like a glittery boob to make people feel great!!! THEY LOVED THIS SHIRT, and SO DO I!!! The shirt got about 50 thumbs up in only a few hours!!! XOXOXOXOXOX

  3. Love It Love It Love it!!!!!
    That’s the reaction i got when wearing my giggle on shirt. I unfortunately did not have the giant boob affect but it did get people looking in that direction (never happens to me, I’m in the A club) so hooray for that! and of course it led to interesting conversations about Giggle On. Keep up the good work Christa. The shirt is fabulous on it’s own but even better at getting the word out!!!

    • @ Carry – Ive got lotsa hot pasta friends!

      @ Lea – yes, it IS thong underwear however, it would be a riot if you put them on backward and had the Giggle On your bum! I guarantee that would turn a bad mood around in a matter of minutes. Actually, I think I’ll grab my Giggle On thongs and give it a whirl. I’m a bit off-kilter today myself.

      @ Annie – I am so pleased you got your Giggle On with friends last night at a reunion with the new Glam-o-rama shirt. ANd the boob accentuation wasn’t a bad thing either! Did you get pictures of all the thumbs up? (any cute guys BTW?)

      @ Julia – You know, “A” is the best letter in the alphabet and it’s the best grade you can get so don’t down the “A” cup! I’m gigglified and grooved that you love the shirt and the message behind it. I have so much fine wearing my shirt and, as a matter of fact, I wear one almost every day. The shimmy-glittery-fabuliciousness of it mesmerizes me. I promise to keep up my best work!

      Foot note: My friend Lauren wore her shirt out this past Friday night and her boyfriend proposed marriage! WOW! If that’s not a great Giggle On (love life) endorsement, I dunno what is!

  4. So Christa all ready posted this but…I happened to have my shirt on last Friday night when my boyfriend proposed! So exciting and now my already fabulous shirt will hold a special memory.
    I have some pics that I will be sending along for Christa to post. Thanks for the shirt-how can I pass up something with sparkles that looks great with my own mustang red lipstick?

    • @ Lauren – I couldn’t contain my excitement anymore about your proposal. I am so happy for you! May you and your soon to be husband enjoy many years of giggling together. Yipppeee for Lauren!!!

  5. So I feel absolutely fabulous while wearing this highly fashionable tee….what more could you ask for …looking chic while spreading the word for a fantastic cause…thanks Christa!

  6. I wore my ‘giggle on’ shirt on New Year’s Eve and have to say even though I am in the ‘A’ club as well Julia, I was quite pleased by response from the guys! Sushi and the shirt are fun as well!

  7. Several months have passed, and I must admit that the sparkly shirt holds up! The sparkly shirt just plain makes me happy.
    The boobs still look huge, and the sparkles still make EVERYONE HAPPY, and ROCK OUT!
    I love my shirt.
    …and soon I will love my Doggie Tee and Giggle On THONG! (to be flung at an innocent by-stander, yet to be determined)

    🙂 Thank you 🙂

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