Spread World Peace – Eat a Sandwich

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How do we spread love, peace, eliminate violence and make the world a better place?

One solution: eat a sandwich! Sure joke all you want – call me crazy (and I am and perfectly ok with that) but think about this…

You can’t pull a trigger on a gun and successfully hit your target if you have both hands wrapped around a peanut butter and jelly. You can’t curse at someone or talk trash about them if your mouth is stuffed with roast beef, Swiss cheese and rye. And will road rage overtake you if you’re chomping down on a meatball grinder? Oh… I think not, my friends. Who could possibly get pissed off eating meatballs (unless of course the meatballs tasted bad – but I digress)????

Go to kitchen now and make a sandwich. While you are in there, make one for your friend, too. Perhaps you and your friend can make some sandwiches for other folks who can’t afford to make their own. We’ll pass sandwiches around the world and make the planet a better place.

It was Mother Teresa who said, “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.”

World Sandwich Eating Day for Peace starts NOW! Get chompin’!


  1. I guess the world owes a lot more to the Earl of Sandwich for inventing the method of food consumption that bears his name to this day, than we thought.

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