Stress Less Laugh More


Did you know stress related illness impacts 75% of Americans – that’s 242 million people! (1) 

Ask Yourself This…

  • What would happen if more people my office handled stress better?
  • How much more effective would my team be if morale and communication improved?
  • Why are so many of our company’s employees absent, disengaged or under performing?
  • What would happen if we invested more wellness initiatives to help our employees get and stay healthy?
  • Wouldn’t my clients be better served if my staff was more engaged?

Laugh More!

We specialize in teaching people how to laugh without jokes or humor. We combine controlled deep breathing exercises with generous amounts of play to deliver laughs fast!!!

One of our clients recently said this about us…


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“Stress Less Laugh More” Objectives

  1. Educate attendees about the warning signs and ramifications of chronic stress
  2. Provide practical, fun and playful ways to manage negative emotions
  3. Boost employee morale, teamwork and interpersonal relationships
  4. Empower employees to take an active role in their personal wellness
  5. Reduce staff feelings of discontent

Built To Suit

Laughter and play are at the core of each workshop. Call or email for a quote or with your questions. Contact Christa (302) 593-3913 or by email at

A flavor for what you’ll get in your workshop…