Make Joyful Noise

Ever feel like the ‘joy, joy, joy’ down in your Christian heart is ‘going, going, gone’ because you’re stressed out meeting the needs of others? Are you one of the many Christians who has fallen into the trap of seriousness while serving God? Don’t worry. It happens to a lot of people.

Taking time to refresh, renew and rejoice allows you to make your charitable work as a servant of God a viable long-term possibility. 

This workshop is designed reconnect you with the joy gifted to you by God, energize you for service work and provide soft skills training so you can share joy with others.

During Make Joyful Noise (inspired by Pope Francis) participants will pray playfully, show each other signs of peace, give thanks and laugh. They will also:

pope_francis joy

  1. Receive the joy of the Holy Spirit
  2. Glorify the Lord by caring for their bodies as temples of God’s grace
  3. Share Bible quotes related to joy, mirth and the benefits of laughter
  4. Gain a better understanding of the science behind laughter and its holistic benefits
  5. Pray with the body using reflective breathing and unconditional Christian-themed laughter exercises, examples: Peace Be With You Laughter, Lift Your Heart to the Lord Laughter, Be Joyful With Jesus, Laughter Blessings, Turn Your Worries Over to God (He’s going to be up all night anyway), Release the Dove Laughter, Fisher of Men Laughter, Give Thanks to the Lord, Pray Continually Laughter
  6. Honor the Commandment: “Thou Shalt Not Kill Your Giggle”
  7. Learn simple ways to share joy with others


Who is this workshop designed for?

This workshop is extremely well suited for the clergy, religious education groups, youth ministry, Christian and Catholic schools, parish events, diocesan gatherings, retreats and can be scaled as an icebreaker or keynote for conventions.

Giggle On - St Philip Neri - final

St Philip Neri, known as the Humorous Saint

Prayer to Saint Philip Neri (1):
We take ourselves far too seriously most of the time. Help us add humor and playfulness to our perspective – remembering always that joy and laughter are gifts from God. Amen.

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