Santa Dashboard huddle

Santa is calling the Dashboard huddle. Hut, Hut, Hut!

Please welcome Santa as the new middle linebacker for my truck.  Yesterday he became the new team captain for a special Christmas huddle on the dashboard of my Toyota Tacoma.

In addition to giggly interior holiday decor, I decided to spice up the holiday with some fun Christmas spirit in my vehicle.

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Yesterday I had to make a long drive (an hour and a half) to attend a business meeting down state. I got myself all gussied up in my red cowgirl boots, dark wash Lucky jeans, new Anne Taylor Loft coat (purchased on sale) and my purple and red Om Scarf (a gift from my girl Stace).

Got gratitude?

I am not a clothes horse by any means but I am VERY thankful for the things that make me look good and feel good…especially these boots! Ohhhhhhhhhh, purty.

I purchased these lovely specimens in Austin, Texas this past August at a famous store called Allens. I bought red because I wanted to strengthen my root chakra, feel more grounded (thus boots) and bring more passion into my life. So far, so good! 😉  I recall buying the boots from a handsome young man named Tyler…if I was only 10 years younger….ahhhh – thanks again Tyler. I love these babies!

Gratitude is an important part of daily living. The more I give thanks, the better things get.

When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears ~ Anthony Robbins

Yo, where’s the giggle at?

As I prepared to hop in the truck and jimmy-jam down to the middle of the state, I stopped dead in my tracks.

Something was wrong, very wrong.

There’s NO way I was going to drive straight through to Brazil without some special giggle device close at hand. I wasn’t in the mood to bring the Yodeling Pickle, the kazoo or a clown nose. Just not feeling it.

Fun. While. Driving. Is. MANDATORY. Period.

There are two main rules in life:

1) There’s always room for Jell-O

2) There’s always room for FUN!

Live it, Love it, Learn it! – Carrie Bradshaw, SATC

Enter stage left: Santa and baby Rudolph

I grabbed my Christmas friends from the shadow of Chambord Jesus and dashed to my truck to make the “formal” introductions.

DBJ and DBB (Dashboard Jesus and Dashboard Buddha) were VERY excited to meet new friends. Jesus was absolutely beside himself with happiness to see Santa (aren’t we all). They all started to huddle up immediately with Santa holding court smack dab in the middle.

Hut 1 for Jesus

Hut 2 for Santa and Rudolph

Hut 3 for Buddha!

As much as Jesus’ was thrilled to be side-by-side with Santa, his joy was soon surpassed when “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood started blasting out of my truck’s audio system (it’s not really a “system” *cough* it’s just the standard radio that came with the 1998 Toyota Tacoma).

Frankie Goes to Hollywood ALWAYS gets my booty moving!  Laser ba-eems.

Stress Reduction

The move to bring fun props on my trip was a conscious decision to increase the fun quotient and decrease stress. I don’t like driving much and with impending snow, I knew it was going to be a long day in the truck. In all seriousness, I’m glad I planned fun into my ride because the roads were slippery, traffic was horrible and the ride back home took twice as long as anticipated.  My ride yesterday was a great example of creating a Giggle On moment in the face of stress. Laughter IS the antidote for stress. Just sayin’…

Thanks YogaDawg

My Dashboard Christmas ornament was featured over at the YogaDawg site today as part of their YogaDawg Holiday Gift Guide 2010.  Thanks Dawg!!

DBJ and DBB (Dashboard Jesus and Dashboard Buddha Monk) may be purchased from my friends at Archie McPhee.

The Santa and baby Rudolph are part of my personal Rudolph holiday play set and there’s no way I’m selling my Santa! Get your own! *laughing*

Best wishes to you all for a very giggly Christmas!

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