Positive response to newspaper article

Thank You to my friends, family and Giggle On! supporters from all over the globe who called, emailed and text-ed messages of support in response to the article, In a friend’s suicide, purpose is found, published yesterday, March 29, 2009, in the Sunday Life section of Delaware’s News Journal.

To read the article, click my story in pdf. It will take a few moments to load. Please be patient.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

Great, in-depth article. You’d think you were the Unibomber! But in all seriousness, that took a lot of guts.

So many people keep their tragedies stuffed down so deep inside they never recover. By you sharing your life you will help so many others. Let your light shine on.

I never knew the “whole” story before, so I was very interested (and saddened) to read it. But you are such an inspiration. I bet it’s hard to get out there in the public eye and tell your story, but think how many people you’re helping.

I read with great interest the story in The News Journal paper today about your wonderful site, your friend, and yourself. What an inspiration! And I totally agree that one of the best ways to deal…is to get active.

Congratulations! Its a fantastic article. Although, I can’t believe you think yourself ‘fat’ on occasion!! You’re beautiful.  🙂

Read the story on you. It is a good one. Thanks to you and your friends for sharing such personal info. I am sure you will impact others from your story.

I am so proud of you…… your energy is just glowing!!  Let her shine, let her shine let her shine…keeps playing over and over in my head when I think of you. 🙂

Way to shine with a very important and valuable message!!!!!!

WOW!  You really put it all out there. You are quite brave to open yourself up like that.  I am sure your article will reach many people who suffer from the same issues.  Suicide has touched our lives twice and I know what it’s like to feel like I could have/should have done something. I think we have to realize that if someone is hell bent on ending it, they will find a way.  The difficult thing to do sometimes is to ride it out…to trudge through our days…to exist for others to love and enjoy us.

Wow, Christa!  Awesome stuff – congrats!!!! You rock – and are hopefully giggling a LOT today! 🙂

I read the article. Don’t ever call me again. JUST KIDDING!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Christa Scalies and working with her. She is genuine in her passion to help those contemplating suicide, and those suffering the pangs of guilt of attempting suicide and those surviving the loss of someone from suicide.

Well, well – you are now officially a Rock Star!!  Congratulations on the fabulous article – I think it is really well done and you should feel very proud of yourself.  May this be the beginning of much more to come…

Wow – what a great article! You should be very proud. This is a really amazing thing you are doing – you may never know how many people it helps.

Awesome article in the NJ today … congratulations! I was so proud to point to the page and exclaim “I know her. She’s a friend.” Now I feel famous, too. Rock on, er, Giggle On…

Christa, you’re an inspiration. I admire your willingness to be so open. You are camel pose!

Wow! What a great article. I am very proud to know that little girl from SFA 🙂

Awesome! I had a friend kill himself right next to me with a gun, after a fine night of drinking and shooting targets on his property. He had just broken up with his girlfriend and I guess I wasn’t all that helpful in cheering him up. That was almost 20 years ago. Depression is a terrible thing. Runs in my family, too.

Good article about your great cause. I never knew when I joined Friends of Wilmington Parks that I would ‘meet’ a celebrity. Keep up the good work.

Great article, Christa! So proud of you for following your passion and your dream and inspiring others to do the same. You have definitely been a true inspiration to me, thanks!!

Thank You’s

Thank you to my friend, Carol Arnott, for suggesting my story to reporter, Victor Greto. Carol and I met a short while ago and she has been a HUGE supporter of the Giggle On mission. Carol also pitched my story to WHYY TV and my interview should be out in a few days. Stay tuned for details…

Thank you Victor Greto and the editors at the News Journal for helping me share my story with hundreds (if not thousands) of readers in the tri-state area and beyond. You are a life-savers too!

Another special thanks to my CEO Space buddy, Ken Bennett, for his positive shout-out and Ally Sheedy/Breakfast Club tribute to me (funny stuff) on his very cool site called fliXtra. You rock Ken. Giggle On! brother.

Final thoughts

  • YOU do not need to suffer alone.
  • YOU do not need to keep your feelings bottled up inside.
  • There is JOY and LOVE and LAUGHTER inside each of us. Sometimes we think the joy, love and laughter is gone but it never really leaves you. It’s there – inside and I promise you, there is a way to tap into it.—————————-

Don’t Give Up! Let’s Giggle On! together.

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  1. Wow, blown away at all the energy, compassion, and honesty that is out there. Your article was awesome.
    Can’t wait to see you on WHYY – April 1. Do take care and keep that love alive, sharing it with others keeps them going too. See you at the walk. Love ya, Kathy

  2. I’d much rather our news was peppered with stories like this one. Right now, I tend to avoid watching the news or reading it online too much, as all that violence, pain and suffering is presented in such a way as to create panic and fear.

    Your story is inspiring. Anything you can do to get the message out there is awesome. 🙂

    Svastis last blog post..Life choices as a graph

  3. I just saw the article about you and Giggle On, and I’m flabbergasted that you have been suicidal!

    I can’t tell you how proud I now am of what you have accomplished – battling through your problem to become a care giver to literally thousands of people so afflicted.

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