New Year’s Resolution question

It’s NYR time! You know…New Year’s Resolution time!

Have you thought about your resolution yet? Do you do the NYR thing or are you the kinda person who doesn’t bother with all the resolution hype?

I set mine!

My resolution has nothing to do with reducing carbs, waving ba-bye to my chocolate covered espresso bean addiction, eliminating caffeine, stopping the nasty glue sniffing habit (not that I have one), flossing my teeth twice a day (who really does this anyway?) or Om-ing my face off at the yoga studio.

[Note to self:  It might be a good idea to eliminate caffeine but get real Gigglina – that so ain’t gonna happen. And one more thing, buy more floss.]

New Year’s Resolution Question

My friends at Open to Hope posed a New Year’s Resolution question to me, and in turn, I pose it to all of you, my fabulous Giggle On™ readers.

The question:

What one thing do you resolve to do in 2009 to bring hope to yourself and/or someone else who is dealing with a significant loss or sadness in their life?

My answer…

I resolve to super size my smile everyday in 2009.

The more I smile, the more others smile back at me.

When I turn my big Italian Christa smile on full blast, I radiate happiness and joy back to myself and others. It’s a win-win deal. I LOVE win-win deals!

A simple smile or a big toothed silly-ass grin has the potential to fill up our spiritual gas tanks with positive light and energy.

The act of smiling is a physical prayer of hope and we all have the ability to deliver this care package of happiness to others during every moment of everyday.

Smiling is an act of pure love.


Smiling is a fat-free, calorie-free and, as far as I know…still tax-free! (but hurry up, that could change but quick!)

Give the gift of hope. Smile!

P.S.  I also plan to buy props in 2009 to help me carry out the resolution. Note to self: Buy a mustache on a stick, a whoopee cushion and chattering teeth.

It’s your turn to answer the question.

Be as specific and as creative as you can. Your response, either serious or funny, will help someone in need (that someone could be YOU).

What one thing do YOU resolve to do in 2009 to bring hope to yourself and/or someone else who is dealing with a significant loss or sadness in their life?

Please post your comment below.

Thanks and remember,


  1. For sure to smile at others and say “Hello” or as we do here “G’day”.

    But most importantlly to be fully aware and listen when someone needs to share their thoughts, fears, issues. Yes it takes time but you might stop something very tragic happening….C

  2. That’s a great resolution!

    For me, I resolve to dial up the mocking in 2009. It is, after all, an activity that produces no carbon output at all. (Unless, I guess, you get to laughing REALLY hard. Totally worth the risk, in my book.)

    Happy New Year, Dahling!



    Anna Leflers last blog post..Every Picture Tells A Story…

    • @ Lea Kelly – Smiles all around for me and Lea! Woo hoo!

      @ Carry – Dude, I thought you were Canadian, don’t Aussie’s have the G’Day thing trade marked?

      @ Anita – I just got a whoopee cushion yesterday. I can’t wait to blow it up and try it out (on myself, most likely)

      @ Babs – Belly laughs it is! I like it when the belly laugh gets rollin’ along so hard it becomes contagious. And WOW, thanks for that groovy Noblesse Oblige Award. I’m honored AND I love the fact it’s purple! Giggle On Babs, Giggle On!

      @ Anna – Environmentally friendly Mocking at mock rate # 2009! Good call. Let the good times roll baby, roll!

  3. I’m resolving to make myself and/or my family giggle or laugh at least once per day this year! I believe in the power of laughter. And I’m resolving to get the rest of my Christmas cards out from last year. Happy New Year 🙂

    • @ JD – There’s not a damn thing wrong with thinking about you, you, you. If your life becomes richer, more satisfying and happier because you invest in yourself then you are doing the most good by helping You be the best You!

      I know you’ll be making me smile in 2009 at your blog. Giggle On JD, Giggle On!

      @ lg marge – Great resolution! You do have a gift for making people laugh. Jay sure is one lucky man. Marjorie, what ‘r you doin’? *laughing*

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