Laughter Yoga Workshop

The wait is over! I’m gearing up for a giggle-icous Laughter Yoga Workshop on November 20, 2010 at the studio where I trained to become an RYT (that’s Registered Yoga – or yogurt, as I often say) Teacher.

For all you fans, friends and Facebook followers in the Wilmington area, come on out and join me and some of the best joyologists in the Delaware area. We’re going to be getting our giggles AWN!

The Juicy Details

Event Name:   Get Your Giggle on with Laughter Yoga

with Christa Scalies, RYT 200 and CLYL (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader)

Saturday, November 20th, 1:00 – 2:15 pm

Empowered Yoga – Wilmington

Tuition: $16/ complimentary to Empowered Yoga Auto Renew-EFT students

Class Description:

This Laughter Yoga workshop will teach you how to release stress, liberate the spirit, laugh unconditionally and increase the flow of prana throughout your body. Laughter Yoga, also known as Hasya yoga, combines yogic breathing, stretching, clapping and playful exercises in a dynamic group setting. Studies show the body-mind practice of Laughter Yoga helps relieve depression and anxiety, decrease the sensation of pain, and enhance the immune system while producing a joyful attitude and a greater clarity, calm and creativity. No previous yoga experience is required. If you can breathe, you can laugh!


Thanks, Namaste and YOU ROCK!

Thank you to Johnny Gillespie, owner of Plexus Fitness, for allowing me to bring this workshop to the community and to my peers. I’d also like to thank Diana Hoscheit, Director of Empowered Yoga at HAC for helping to coordinate this event and for her personal support of my mission here at Giggle On.

Dedication & Memorial

I dedicate this class to the memory of Jennifer Smith Collison, one of the most beautiful and joyful souls I have ever met. Her warm spirit and loving smile guided me on many Sunday mornings at the Empowered Yoga studio.

Jen kept class real, she made me feel comfortable in my own skin and encouraged me to be playful on my mat. Jen, you are missed but will not be forgotten – EVER!

I dedicate the loving energy of unconditional laughter created in this class to Jennifer, her husband and her three boys. I am grateful for having the chance to meet Jen, to learn by her example and to pay forward the smiles she gave to me.

P.S. about Jen

To my delight I came across my YTT (yoga teacher training) notes from 2008. In a little blue notebook written in my very bad Catholic school girl chicken scratch were the notes I took while observing one of Jen’s magical Sunday morning classes. Her classes were bliss!

One of the things Jen said during that class struck me and I scribbled it down…

Let go of judgments or expectations

When we stop critiquing ourselves (and easing all the negative garbage-like self talk) and start loving ourselves as the joyful beings we are, our asana practice becomes easier and our lives become richer. Next time you head into the studio, consider setting “JOY” as your intention and see what a difference it makes in your practice.

Final Thoughts

Let go of judgment. Be kind. Practice ahimsa (non-violence) toward yourself. When we create peace within, we create peace everywhere and world peace is the mission of the Laughter Yoga movement.

Be peace. Giggle On!

Recent Press coverage about the workshop

December 6, 2010: Update on the 11/20/10 class

My workshop at Empowered Yoga was a big success on many levels.

As fate would have it, November 20th was the National Day for Survivors of Suicide Loss. I’ve participated in SOS events before but this year I was thrilled to be in “Giggle On” mode and not crying mode. I’m making a conscious decision to continue to embrace “light” and not “darkness”.

Giving Back

This workshop was about giving back to my yoga community. I believe I accomplished my goal fully based upon the feedback I received (see Testimonials below).

I promised to donate $10 to the Smile Train for each person who attended my Get your Giggle On with Laughter Yoga Workshop. Based on attendance & a donation from Pam McErlean, our smile & laughter energy will provide a cleft palate surgery for one needy child. We smiled and now a child can smile. ♥ Namaste with gratitude!


In addition to the Smile Train donation, my teacher fee for the class was donated to in memory of Jennifer Collison. Jen had lung cancer but she never smoked a day in her life.

Laughter Yoga Testimonials

~ the following feedback was received from participants of this workshop. Thank you to all the students who provided feedback. Namaste with giggles 🙂

  • Jeff Dietz: “I loved Christa’s workshop! I also love that Laughter Yoga seems to address a very serious matter…our mental, physical and spiritual health by exercising what is rightfully ours to begin with: JOY!”
  • Joe Melloy: It was a most enjoyable session. Your innovative teaching style and the ability to bring a disparate group of people together for an hour of fun, exercise and enthusiastic dancing was most impressive.”
  • Clark Kingery: “I was impressed with how well Christa articulated what we would do in the Laughter Yoga Workshop. I enjoyed learning about the science of laughter. The exercises were dopey but Christa warned us the exercises might feel contrived. I came to class with an open mind so I was willing to follow her without judgment and see what would happen. Before I knew it, the fake laughing turned real. I laughed because others were laughing and I truly had fun! End result: I exercised, enjoyed myself and felt good afterward.”
  • Jeannette Oshitoye: “When I first walked into the room, the first thoughts that came into my head where, why the hell did I sign up for this, this is so far outside my personality. I felt awkward, and believed I looked like a fool because I felt awkward. What gave me the courage to stay in the class was part of the instructor’s instructions, which were “fake it ‘til you make it”. Which I did, that changed my whole demeanor. I was able to loosen up, ignore my alter ego that kept trying to remind I looked like a fool, and returned to my childhood for an hour, where everything was allowable. I am so glad that I did. The benefits that I received from that one class were enormous. After the class I felt as though I could conquer any obstacle in my way. I felt light, euphoric, and elated. If I had not taken the time to just try, I would have missed out on something that had such a positive effect. Now, I would even say that I would practice laughter yoga again. Just try it. Before you know it, you will like it.”
  • Jayla Boire: “How many times have you heard about the healing power of laughter? How about how laughter oxygenates your body, increases the production of endorphins? We’ve all experienced how great it feels even hours after we yuk it up with friends. So take all that information, which is sort of useless without practice, and learn how to laugh for no reason. That’s what I did when I got my Giggle On with Christa. Putting my “smile mask” on and sending the message to my brain (and the world) that joy is always available can change my day. And I believe that practicing the no-sweat, easy “movements” in Christa’s Laughter Yoga class can change my health and my life. Thanks Christa for helping me get my giggle on!”

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  1. Good job bringing laughter to your community Christa.
    I’ve enjoyed meeting you and sharing a laughter with you last night . I hope to catch you in action one of these days.
    Rev.Ernie Oktay
    LY Leader
    “There are many ways to the divine,I have chosen the way of song,dance and laughter”

  2. @Rev. Ernie Oktay – thanks for the kudos and a BIG YAY for your leadership last night at Healing Spaces. I really enjoyed the class and was honored you chose me to read a story while wearing a clown nose. I’m a BIG fan of clown noses, kazoos, yodeling pickles, whoopie cushions and other such playful props. I look forward to laughing with you again and welcome you to join me for the LY workshop 11/20 🙂

    Namaste with giggles,

    • Patricia – my next Laughter Yoga class is being held at Empowered Yoga in Wilmington 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19806, (302) 654-9642

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