Laughter Yoga Leader lands in Delaware

Shameless Self-Promotion

In my post, Big Giggly Goals with Laughter Yoga, I let ya’ll know my plans to visit San Francisco over the weekend of May 16th-17th to train to be a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. Please prepare to use your applause muscles cause I done did it. Woo hoo.

I am now a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

My mojo loving gal pal Lissa Rankin from Owning Pink joined me for the weekend long Laughter Yoga Leader Training workshop with Carmela Carlyle.

Lion Laughter, Ha Ha Ha Lissa and I laughed our butts and boobies off.

I nearly peed my pants about a half dozen times. I even broke down and bought Lissa a pink Giggle On tank top. I already mentioned before how much I hate the color pink but Lissa loves it, I mean LOVES, LUVS, Loooooves pink and I wanted to show her I support her site, Owning Pink.

Our Laughter Yoga trainer, Carmela, cracked me up the entire time. She’s absolutely amazing and I recommend her workshop to everyone. It was totally worth the trip to San Francisco to meet her alone! I also met a bunch of fabulous laughter loving women in the workshop and I continue carry their positive energy with me. Thank you Kelley, Donnalei, Hanna, Jaci, Teresa, Donna, Celeste and again to Lissa and Carmela. Ha Ha Ha for the Ta Ta’s *laughing*

Click photo to enlarge.

For a brief video recap of my weekend and special thanks to friends, see the video below or redirect to YouTube. [youtube][/youtube]

Here I am getting my certification from Carmela!

I don’t think I was this excited when I graduated from college or received my RYT (registered yoga teacher) certificate. Laughter Yoga and Christa…perfect together. Justin Timberlake may have brought sexy back. I am gonna bring laughter back to Delaware. Who wants to join me for some laughter? Giggle On!


  1. Christa, you are SUCH a rock star. Laughter Yoga and Christa? Can you say chocolate and peanut butter? Or peanut butter and jelly? Or Lissa and Pink? I mean- REALLY. BRING IT ON!

    Loved your You Tube clips, and it was an honor to have your laughing, giggling self in my home and my world. We are all so lucky to have you leading our giggles.

    Lissa Rankins last blog post..Creative Mojo: 10 Tips for Unleashing Your Creativity

  2. Hey there Christa. It was so serendipitously great to meet you at Muir Beach. Wasn’t the Pelican Pub as cool as could be? Your site and your mission are great. Keep those giggles coming! If you ever make it down Atlanta way, you know were to find me.
    hugz and blessings,

    • @ Kelli – yes, Laughter Yoga is free for you and thanks, I love my new doo too!

      @ Lissa – girl, YOU are the superstar! Not only are you a mom/wife/artist/doctor but now, you’re a Laughter Yoga Leader too! How’s that for some added slash action? I am PSYCHED about my new life as a laughter yoga leader and can’t wait to lead my first session here in Wilmington.

      @ Janet – thank you for taking those pictures of me at Muir Beach. I one of them on Facebook. It was great to meet you AND take time to break bread in the Pelican. I hope you’re travels are treating you well. Enjoy. Sing. Dance and be Playful. The world is your stage – shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah yeah!  If I head to Atlanta, I WILL look you up!

      @ Svasti – I will get to that video soon Svasti! I promise. I’m still, believe it or not, unpacking from my trip. I will add Christa Laughter Yoga video to my list straight way. Check. Check. Check.

  3. We had a GREAT time!! Than you for capturing the moments ..
    You have brought the sun and laughter to Delaware .. and you left a bit with us in the Bay area!
    You giggle on grrlfriend!!
    .. and I will aloha ha ha on!

  4. I can’t wait to do some laughing after a vacation from the pits- I need a lot of good laughing. Maybe we should do a laugh share after the reiki share!

  5. Hey Congratulations!! Wish I lived closer to Delaware so I could participate in the laughter yoga classes – You look radiant in your Youtube video – what a great spot of sunshine in your backyard! hugs xoxo

  6. Oh, you are so cute! I love your videos. I wish I could speak in front of a camera without sounding like a weirdo.

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting your certificate! This looks like SO much fun. I’m going to check out my are and see if there’s anything like it.

    I’m not a big yoga fan, but yoga + laughter? Sounds like a winning combo.

    JD at I Do Thingss last blog post..I Ride the Bike so you don’t have to

    • @ Donnalei – it was great to meet you in San Fran. You have great energy. The kids on your whale bus are lucky to have you. It was my pleasure taking photos, especially the Ha Ha Ha for the Ta Ta’s video. That’s a classic! Giggle On with yourself and keep smiling. 🙂

      @ Anita – I would love to integrate Laughter Yoga with Reiki. Not sure if we Reiki first or Laugh first…perhaps we should meditate on that. 🙂

      @ lg marge – I can bring LY to you OR give you and the “P” family a special session at the shore this summer. Now that would be fun!

      @ JD – What, you don’t think I sound like a weirdo? Did you not see the Whoopie Cushion video where I sounded like Marissa Tomei (could my Philly accent BE anymore pronounced?) Part of what I am trying to do is demystify yoga. Laughter Yoga doesn’t involve pretzel poses but we do incorporate breathing exercises and breathing IS the fundamental component to yoga…not trying to kiss one’s own arse (God Bless anyone that can actually do that). If you take a deep breath in and a deep breath out, consider yourself a yogini. It’s that simple.

      @ Connie – stay tuned Giggle On sista. I’m looking for a location in Wilmington for my Laughter Club. Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha!

  7. Dear Christa,
    I love your laugh and I love that Phillie Girl energy you brought to Laughter Yoga in San Francisco!

    What did Dela wear to Virginia’s laughter yoga party? She wore a new jersey with a giggle on button. ho ho hahaha.

    My First State . . .
    I am SO glad that you are bringing your considerable talents and Laughter Yoga skills to Wilmington, Delaware, the place of my birth and the backdrop for my childhood. After winning the Delaware’s Junior Miss Pageant , and scooping some more scholarship bucks at the National Pageant in Mobile, Alabama, I got out of Delaware. It brings me joy to know that you are there doing your good work.

    Thank you for making and posting the youtube videos of our class. I get such a kick out of you camera. Hey, I am a big fan of Marrissa Tomei too, so the accent is workin’ for me.

    Your are an inspiration to us all and someday when I grow up I want a website just as groovy as yours.

    Carmela Carlyle
    aka Christa’s Laughter Yoga Teacher
    Sonoma County, USA

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