The Laughology Movement

Getting our Giggle On at McSorely’s in NYC. Gimme one light, one dark please!

Week of Laughs!

It’s been a great week for laughter! I spent last weekend in NYC with two buddies from Austin, Texas (pictured above). We laughed our asses off all over the Big Apple.

  • We grogged down on some serious portions of Italian food at Carmines. Those were the biggest balls (meatballs that is) I’ve EVER seen!
  • We participated in a ‘Laugh In’ on Union Square (no, not a comedy gig but a giggle-fest of Laughter Yogi’s and fellow Laughologists) and I met Laughology filmmaker Albert Nerenberg!!
  • I had my ass pinched by Cookie Monster, or was that Elmo? (see below)
  • I was interviewed by a lovely journalist from Columbia University, Ashley Killough, for a piece she is writing about laughter (my girlies were quite impressed with my laughter knowledge too).
  • The biggest highlight for me was our visit to McSorely’s Pub. Sure, the pub was old and the beer was free flowing but the creme-de-la-creme of the evening was when I introduced (more like whipped out) my yodeling pickle in front of a group of rugby players.  If a plastic yodeling pickle, beer and rugby players isn’t a groovy Giggle On time, I just don’t know what is! *laughs*

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Laughology Movement

I love being an active member of the Laughology Movement. Laughologists like me love to study laughter,  practice laughter and most of all, spread laughter.

If you’re not already part of the movement, please join us. The more laughs the better!

I met Laughologist documentarian, Albert Nerenberg, at his ‘Laugh In’ event in Union Square last Saturday (fellow laughologists to the left).  Upon my return from NYC, I ordered Albert’s film and watched it the very same day the folks at Amazon delivered it to my door. Thanks Amazon! 🙂

Cure for Over-Seriousness: LAUGH!

Albert’s film centers around his personal quest to find laughter to help cure his over-seriousness, a condition which affects many Americans. *insert pouty face* Albert travels the world to learn more about laughter and thankfully he eventually finds himself able to tap into joy and laugh for no reason. YAY!

If you are a fan of Dr. Kataria and his Spread World Peace through Laughter movement, please do yourself a favor and get a copy of this DVD.

If you lost your giggle or your laugh (it happens to all of us), get your hands on this film (no, I don’t get a kick-back from Albert).

I promise, Laughology will bring a smile to your face!

Giggle On Kismit

A few months ago my Austin mates decided to take a trip to the Big Apple for some R&R. They asked me to come along to join the fun. Just a few days before the trip I heard about the ‘Laugh In’ taking place in Union Square.

Because of our mutual friend, Jim #2 (the one who introduced me to the phrase “Get Your Giggle On“) I asked my Austin friends if they wanted to join me. I figured a girlie-giggle-fest would be the perfect way for us to bond and play homage to the man that brought us all together.

I gotta say, I am not a big city girl and I rarely go to NYC. The fact that my Austin mates just happened to be in NYC the same weekend of a Laugh In was no coincidence. Kismit. That’s what it was. Pure kismit.

Over our delicious lunch at Carmine’s Restaurant (pre-lunch meatball gorge-fest photo below), I told my Austin mates about my interest and involvement with Laughter Yoga. I explained the types of things we do to elicit laughter.  It’s basically just “fake it until you make it”.

I don’t mean to get all gushy and mushy here but I truly felt honored and blessed to have the chance to spend time with these women…and as an Italian, it was my duty to make sure they had a good Italian meal during their stay. My parents raised me right! Bada Bing!*giggle*

Thanks to Albert and his friends, my Austin giggle posse had the chance to see for themselves how one can laugh for no reason. They even joined in and Giggled On with the crowd (or were you just laughing at ME?)  


Ho Ho, HA HA HA!


Creme-De-La-Creme, The Yodeling Pickle

Even though I decided to travel light to NYC, I made sure I had enough room in my bag for my clown nose, my kazoo and my beloved yodeling pickle. (I wasn’t able to take my red cowgirl boots, but took the pickle. Priorities baby, priorities). I knew there would be a perfect opportunity to “whip it out” but I wasn’t sure when it would present itself.

Enter McSorely’s, beer and a group of rugby players.

Yes, they grabbed my camera for this one. I got it back prior to them taking XXX shots of of their private parts.

And here’s the big moment…

Look closely. Here I am giving a yodeling pickle assist to Rugby Bard Man. I can’t repeat what he said when he saw my pickle…but I think he fell madly in love with me on the spot. And El, keep your pie hole shut chica! *laughs*

And no, I wasn’t drunk! I have no shame when it comes to my pickle.

Join the Laughology Movement! What are you waiting for? We’ve got plenty of laughs and pickles to go around. Peace Out. Giggle On!


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