I need to lick something


Dusty, the Beantown Dog

Rosie’s best friend Dusty moved away to Boston. Rosie has been pretty bummed without her handsome dust-buster to play with everyday. Thankfully, the magic called the Internet allows them to keep in touch. Amazing, huh? 

Here’s a snippet of their long distance e-mail love affair.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008, at 07:06PM, Rosie wrote:

Dear Dusty:

I miss you big time. Playing run-run at the park isn’t the same without you!!! None of the other dogs bite me or chase me like you do. I know your mom and dad had to move to Boston for work but I wish you were here. I bet you’re making new puppy friends in Beantown but I bet no one there is as cute as me.

My mom tortured me a few weeks ago and forced me to model thongs. THONGS!! Hello? I am a dog! I think she wants me to be her spokesdog for a new Giggle Dog line of products. Whatev. Who knows with her. *sheesh* I played along with the thong game because it made her laugh really hard but I think I might pee on her if she tries it again. Dogs and thongs don’t mix! Anyway, I thought you might get a laugh outta seeing me look silly.

Give your mom and dad a lick-lick from me. I miss you.

Lick-lick, wiggle wiggle,

Rosie, the boxer

Dusty biting Rosie just the way she likes it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008, at 05:20PM, Dusty wrote:

Dear Rosie:

Woof, woof. R–rr-ruff. That’s how they say it up here in Boston…I can’t get over how funny the accent sounds.

Things are going well up here, although I don’t quite have as much room as I’m used to. The park around the corner is nice, but there aren’t any dogs there to play with. My mom takes me to a dog park that sits on a peninsula surrounded by a river. The dogs aren’t as nice as you, but that doesn’t stop me from playing with them. Please don’t be mad. A dog’s gotta do what a dog’s gotta do!

I saw the picture of you in your thong, and all I can say is “growl“! If I didn’t think it was a bit affected to have a dog wearing human clothes, I’d say you’re one hot dog.

I think I’m coming home this weekend, so maybe we can get together and play. I do miss chasing and biting you!


Thursday, October 23, 2008, at 09:15AM, Rosie wrote:

Rosie, trying to sniff Dusty through the computer monitor.

Dear Beantown Dusty:

I ate poop today. Mom got really pissed off but I thought it was kinda funny. You should have seen her yelling at me. *laughing*  Wait, I need to lick something…hold on. Ok, I’m back.

I can’t believe you have a different accent already! It’s only been what, a week? I must have pooped at least 14 times since the last time I saw you. *calculating* Yeah, that makes a week. Sorry, fuzzy puppy math confused me for a minute.

Thanks for the compliment about the thongs. I do feel like one hot bitch sometimes. I prefer to stay out of human clothing too but gimme mom’s spot on the bed anytime! Now we’re barkin’…

I am glad you’re coming home. I know my mom will be around this weekend. Tell your dad to push some buttons on that metal ringing toy he’s got and my mom will touch her ringing toy and we’ll somehow magically meet up. We have these humans sooooooooooo wrapped around our paws, don’t we?

Your best friend,
Rosie aka the Giggle Dog


  1. My cat used to have a cat buddy. They were both adopted from the same pound – Cleo by me and Ghostie by an ex-b/f. Thing is when I came back to Melbourne I didn’t have a home at the time I adopted her. So Cleo lived at my b/f at the time’s place. Cleo and Gopstie didn’t get on at first! But eventually they were best buds.

    It used to be convenient to leave her at the ex’s place if I was going interstate as she got to hang with her little matey. But then the ex decided he preferred to be an idiot. Which made continuing Cleo & Ghostie’s friendship impossible. That was the saddest thing about the end of that relationship…

    Svastis last blog post..Horses or dinosaurs?

  2. Rosie, I know I am no Dusty. He sounds really cool.
    But I do love you even though I have trouble expressing it. I am looking forward to your next sleep over so we can snuggle together on the couch–I live for that stuff!!
    Love, Jake.

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