Harmonica Dog, the Giggle Guru

Rosie is a Certified Giggle Guru

I didn’t want Rosie to feel left out now that I’m a certified laughter yoga leader so I promoted her to Giggle Guru. She is still the main Giggle On Dog (some say G.O.D. for short).

Giggle Guru is now her professional title (please add that to any checks you might send for her). Giggle On Dog is really her stage name.

Got it? *laughing*

For those of you who haven’t met my special bundle of furry 4-legged joy, let me introduce Mahogany’s Rosie the Riveter (her AKC name) aka Giggle On Dog #1 and newly certified Giggle Guru. I simply call her “Rose” or “Rose petal” for short. Sometimes I even call her Bubbles. Long story.

I love her funny little face and her kidney bean dances.  She simply cracks me up…all the time.

Here’s my girl debuting her harmonica inspired howl on YouTube.

Good girl Rosie. Good girl.  Giggle On!


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    • @ Jayla – makes you want to have a dog now, doesn’t it. Pussy cats just can’t howl like dawgs. And with dogs…NO litter boxes.

      @ Annie – There is no need for the Gabmeister to be jealous. She’s got the gabalicious title locked down. Do the ladies in your office like the Whoopie Cushion video better than the Rose? Inquiring minds want to know.

      @ Kelli – she is part human. I am part dog. *laughing*

      @ Chris – thanks, I’ll let Rosie know. Her fan mail is stacking up!

  1. I gave my husband a harmonica for Christmas this year because he wanted to learn how to play. Where did you take lessons>>>?????

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