The Giggle On Team

Rosie, the boxer (2004 – 2015)

0514141257Rosie the Riveter was with us since day one. She inspired the original Giggle On cartoon header on our blog page. She worked to keep her momma, Christa Scalies, happy and healthy since 2005. Rosie enjoyed singing along with kazoos and harmonicas, eating chicken, chasing pussy cats and taking long walks around the Brandywine River in Wilmington, DE.

Rosie had her PhD in belly rubbing psychology and wrote a short pamphlet called, “How to Scam your Human Parent into Doing Anything You Want by Being So Adorably Cute and Irresistible”.  She never gave autographs but was happy to lick your face.

Rosie was a member of the United Sisterhood of Boxer Dogs, Local 451.

Ms. Rosie passed away on May 7, 2015. Her waggling tail, sweet disposition and sense of humor will be missed. Mommy loves you all the time, Rosie. Save a spot for me in heaven.

Christa Scalies, Founder, Chief Laughter Officer, VP of Stress Reduction

Christa is the second dog at Giggle On.  She is also the big cheese of laughter, head banana, spicy chimichanga and most importantly, Rosie’s mom. Full bio and mugshot here.

Brittany Van Sickle, MS, Health Promotion ConsultantBrittany Van Sickle

Brittany applies health behavior theories and evaluative frameworks to Giggle On’s innovative approaches (basically she makes Christa look good). Her first white paper  for Giggle On is: Health Behavior Theories in Action: Framework for Laughter as a Wellness Tool (download pdf). She also helps with marketing, public outreach, event planning, blog posts, and rubbing Rosie’s belly. Her most recent project involved developing the very successful “Giggle Board.”

Brittany graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2014 with her Masters in Science in Health Promotion. She is currently wrapping up her certification coursework in Health Coaching. In the past, Brittany has been a UD employee fitness personal trainer, and the interim program coordinator for UD’s student wellness program, Healthy HENS. Her undergrad experience consisted of being a Resident Assistant to freshmen students and being in the athletic training room with various UD college sports teams, local high schools, and physical therapy rotations.

What’s your favorite part of working at Giggle On?

My favorite part is being able to practice what we preach; self-care. I love that our business meetings can be centered around taking power walks in the park, and working out in the office. However, that is just a plus because I enjoy being able to help spread the word about the power of laughter as a wellness tool.

What do you do when you’re not in school or working with Giggle On?

I love to take trips up to New Jersey to visit my family and dog, Captain. I am a participant in the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention activities, such as the 2014 Philadelphia Overnight walk. I also like to rock climb, get my Martha Stewart on with Pinterest crafts, and going to music concerts.

Connect with Britt on Twitter at @brittvs302 or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Paul Tanner, Community Outreach Liaison and Joyful MinisterPaul Tanner

Paul helps with community outreach, specifically within the homeless population in Wilmington, Delaware. He delivers and distributes “Keep Calm and Giggle On” cards with the national suicide prevention line, 800-273-TALK. Paul has a talent of connecting with people and shining light into the darkness in their lives. He assists Christa with her faith-based presentation, “Make a Joyful Noise,” provides spiritual direction and supports her at local charity events, like the E-Racing the Blues. Paul’s positive attitude, radiant smile and sense of humor are assets to the team!

Paul is a graduate of the San Francisco Culinary Academy, a Certified Catechist through the Marian Catechist Apostolate and a blogger at The Catholic Word.

Suzanne Bird-Harris, WordPress genius and problem solverSuzanne

Suzanne has been the brains behind the Giggle On website since 2008. She is a mistress genius in WordPress, a world class problem solver and recover agent of lost websites, blog pages and Christa’s marbles when they go missing. Without Suzanne this website and Giggle On as we know it simply would not be. More proof of Suze’s brilliance at her site.