Giggle On Spotlight: Kathy

Giggle On Spotlight: Kathy

We all know people who embody the “Don’t Give Up! Giggle On!” spirit. These are people who maintain a positive outlook even in the face of life’s stresses, traumas and challenges.

One of those people is a very special and dear friend of mine. Please welcome Kathy to the Giggle On! Spotlight.

Kathy and I met over a year ago at a mutual friend’s home. We were brought together by an interest in metaphysical studies and energy work, specifically, Reiki.

The challenge called “MS”, Multiple Sclerosis

I noticed two things about Kathy immediately. The first thing was her beaming smile. The second thing was her physical limitation. It was impossible to avoid noticing her frail body and reliance on a walker. Kathy has a very rare form of multiple sclerosis and has been living with the disease for over 15 years.

Me and Kathy Giggling On!

Sympathy. Who needs sympathy?

At first, I had great sympathy for Kathy. Here is a woman who cannot walk without assistance. Here is a soul wanting to dance but is somehow trapped inside limbs that don’t function to their fullest potential.

Once Kathy and I began to talk, I realized I had no use feeling sorry for her. She does not feel sorry for herself.

Kathy has a realistic view of who she is. She accepts her circumstance and deals with it. Her goal is to contribute her positive energy to the world and as her friend I will tell you, she does that ALL THE TIME.

Kathy’s 5 Tips for the World

When Kathy feels bad, she sets an egg-timer for 5 minutes and allows herself to be sad, angry and upset. She’ll “own” the feeling fully and when the timer goes off, she moves on to something that will bring her joy.  Great tip Kath! [Note to self: Get an egg timer!]

Kathy has not given up!!! She continues to Giggle On!

She inspires me to be a better person. Thank you for being a role model. Thank you for being my friend. I love you!


Giggle On! Walk for Kathy

To honor my friendship with Kathy and her contribution to the world, I created a team called Giggle On! for Kathy. We will walk on April 18, 2009 in the MS Walk in Wilmington, Delaware.


To participate in this walk or make a donation to MS, please click this link or the Walk MS icon above and follow the prompts.

And remember, Don’t Give Up! Giggle On!

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  1. how great that you giggle and enjoy life…..i had polio as a child and am now 67 and use a walker and i have people say to me all the time…that is to bad….and my comment is always… is perfect, the alternative would be to bad (not going anywhere because i couldn’t get around)…when we show up with dignity and joy we are such great teachers!!!!….now for those who are struggling to giggle, there are tools…like laughing yoga, laughter groups and Vision Map Video has a laughter video….use the tools that are out there and start giggling….enjoy!!!


    • @ Darlene – I love what you said about showing up with dignity and joy. I checked out your site and read the article about Healing with Laughter and Humor using a Vision Board – great article! I encourage my readers to take a look. I am a big believer in creating dream board, I have several in my home and I appreciate what you are doing with the Vision Map Videos. Great idea Darlene!

      @ Annie – Kathy IS an inspiration. I am thrilled you’ll be joining us on 4/18 for the walk. Remind me to buy some clown noses for the group, will ya?

      @ Carry – Heros are everywhere. Each of us is a hero in our own way at one time or another. I think we need to simply learn how to recognize and be grateful for the goodness in others. Thanks for stopping by my friend. It is always a joy when you share!

  2. I ADORE KATHY!!!!
    I am so moved by her spirit and personal strength. I’m so grateful that I had the pleasure and honor to meet Kathy at the last WINE4Women event at Deep Blue. Thank you SO MUCH for being such an inspiration, KATHY!! I cannot wait to walk for your cause on the GiggleOn walk team!
    CHEERS to you, Kathy!
    CHEERS to you, Christa! Thank you, again, for the inspiration!

  3. Christa thanks for bringing Kathy to our attention. What a joy to learn of her attitude and tenacity.

    I have a friend in Vancouver, Canada who has had MS for 40 years. She soldiers on and lives life to her fullest. She also works with recently diagnosed MS folk. Who better? Lots of challenges for Carol but she meets them head on.

    In todays world, I often wonder where our “heroes” are? I think on reflection we just need to look closely at those folks like Kathy and Carol. Heroes indeed. I am sure they would not be keen on that designation. BUT they are heroes….

  4. I came across Kathy’s MS story on your site and would like to say WOW! Someone
    else who uses laughter as a healing tool! :O)I love what you have done/are
    doing with your pages!

    My name is John Habkirk, but everyone on the Web knows me as Squiffy. I am
    the webmaster for the Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre, here in the Uk,
    and also the “proud” *cough* owner of Squiffy’s House Of Fun – Laugh for
    Multiple Sclerosis

  5. Squffy, I am so amazed by you! Thank you so much for posting and for sharing your story with all of us!
    Christa, do you realize yet the poser of this blog as a vehicle for all of these amazing people (including yourself) to inspire and motivate the rest of us to keep on giggling on???
    AMAZED and INSPIRED AGAIN! xo’s to all of you wonderful people. THANK YOU! <3

    Annies last blog post..Cherry Danish

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