The Giggle Peace Prize

Like many of you, I am shocked by recent Nobel Peace Prize news hitting the airwaves today.

In the spirit of giving (to myself) and receiving (again, all me) I decided to nominate myself for the first Giggle Peace Prize.

Giggle Peace

I don’t know how much I have accomplished in terms of a global giggle peace but I have a BIG PLANS about spreading smiles. I have only just begun here at Giggle On – there’s so much to do, so many smiles to be uncovered, so many clown noses to distribute.

Regardless of the “specific plan” or any actual accomplishments, I’m asking you to vote for me anyway. What could it hurt?

I obviously already have the ability to make a great peace sign with my fingers (noted above) and just look at that Hollywood smile!


Vote early. Vote often.

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If you would like to be considered for a specific peace prize, please leave a comment below and include the type of prize you are nominating yourself for and why you feel you should win.

Thank you. Giggle On!


  1. Hey! So I don’t need to nominate you after all — you did it already! But I will vote for you, early and often.

    And while I’m here I’d like to nominate myself for the Sushi Consumption Prize. I’m pretty sure I’ve consumed more sushi than anyone on the planet in the last few months, and that’s got to be good for SOMEone, right?
    .-= JD at I Do Things ´s last blog ..I Lose Things so you don’t have to =-.

  2. There really isn’t enough laughter in the world – laughter for the joy instead of as a nervous reaction, or at other people’s misfortunes.

    So yeah, we need a Giggle Peace Prize and sure why not, you’d be a great inaugural winner! 😉
    .-= Svasti´s last blog ..Generating lurvvve – part 1 =-.

    • @ JD – I officially nominate you for the Sushi Consumption Prize. Let the voting begin. And thanks for your vote…me thinks I need to add an actual poll here….

      @ Svasti – EXACTLY, laugh for the joy of it instead of making fun at ourselves (in a hurtful way) or others.

      Had some person at some other site tell me I was being “snarky” for nominating myself. I replied:

      I deserve the Giggle Peace prize. Why not?

      Helping people bring giggles to their lives is an act of peace, no?

      Raising money for charity, specifically for the mentally ill and suicidal (usually, these folks are in a in a giggle-less state), supporting those who lost loved ones to suicide (the act of suicide is a lack of inner peace, no?) and offering free Laughter Yoga to a stressed out community…all sounds like good stuff…all things I do for my community and certainly sounds like Giggle Peace making to me.

  3. Wish I had more time to giggle on with you!! You are the best. My Mother is in the hospital down state and I can use a little giggle right now.

  4. Thanks Suze and Anita! I think maybe I should “unleash” more here – I’ve been to calm, to collected…maybe I should just take my bra off (*giggle*) and go WILD!

    Sorry to hear about your Mother Anita. I was JUST thinking about you today…I will keep you in my prayers. I have a clown nose for you – let’s make a kazoo date and goof around. I promise to make you laugh. PROMISE!

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