It’s a Giggle On Christmas

It is going to be a Giggle On Christmas for my family and friends this year thanks to my buddies at Archie McPhee.

Santa wasn’t immune from the recession (I hear he may be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy) so the price-tag of the gifts wasn’t as big as last year. That’s ok because we plan to super-size smiles and laughs with items like:

Dashboard Jesus, Meatball shaped bubble gum, Crazy Cat Lady Action figure, Handerpants, bacon bandages, Nunzilla and…the creme-de-la-creme, Yodeling Pickle!

Check out some of my cool Archie McPhee loot close up in my on-the-fly video complete with a Yodeling Pickle demo. I planned to give the singing plastic brined cucumber to my nephew but I simply love it tooooo much to give it up.


Merry Christmas to my Christian friends and Buon Natale to my Italian buddies. I’m a big fan of Jesus (what a cool dude) and want to wish him a very Happy Birthday! I still don’t know whether or not Jesus ate cake on his birthday but this year I hope he enjoys listening to me play the pickle in His honor!

May you all have a blessed Christmas filled with love and laughter!!!


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  1. Two of my friends and I went shopping last year and discovered the yodeling pickle. We laughed so hard tears came to our eyes. So my gift to them is the PICKLE. I hear you have to receive the pickle from a friend. I have not seen them yet but can’t wait to get the giggle on!!! Have a very Merry Christmas and you are in my prayers always.

  2. When are we gonna get a new year update??? I’m a lurker here usually but Jan 14th already give me a break! I need me ma Christa Fix!

  3. Ok… I’d like speak…Ahem!

    I’ve been a social worker/therapist for a while, and have learned some great things from my patients and colleagues–but I think perhaps one of the most important lessons I learned is the following:

    Often, when I worked with pretty sick patients, they would complain to me that they were tired of their family and friends always givin’ em the old “Hey, stay positive–otherwise–the disease will get you, or come back…etc…” You get the idea.

    Not that they didn’t understand that trying to keep a positive outlook can be helpful–but it is nigh-on (love that) impossible to do 24/7. And NOT feeling positive does not mean that you are “drawing cancer back to yourself”– that is magical thinking, which should be reserved for children and those hallucinating.

    I was really hearing this a great deal, but didn’t quite know what to call it, when a colleague from Fox Chase Cancer Center called it “the tyranny of the positive attitude.” Oy! PERFECT!!!!!

    Translation for here–you can’t always get your giggle on, and no one is expecting you to. Perhaps getting your Mona on (as in Lisa) is what you can muster. Fine. Or screw it–you are good and pissed, sad, numb, whatever… it is not permanent. That’s what we know for SURE about all things. Grief takes its own time. Do your best. Your friends and family are just scared. It’s ok. There is research that supports that even if you fake a smile, there will be a signal sent to your brain that says “Hey–I don’t know why–but we seem to be at least a little happy–release the seratonin!” And so you feel a little better, faking it to make it.

    But if you don’t–it’s ok too. I believe in a good wallow–go ahead–wallow!!! Howl at the moon–punch things that won’t hurt or cost money– sulk, pop zits that aren’t even up yet–you know.

    Just throw up a flare every now and then.

    We can love one another even when none of us are feeling particularly positive.

    I must go pee. Again.

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