Giggle Gone? Need a Stimulus?

Giggle Gone?

Does your Giggle need a bailout? How about a stimulus plan?

Has your Giggle packed up and gone on permanent vacation?

I am embarrassed to admit I lost my Giggle this past week.  My smile, positive attitude and the bounce and shimmy in my step dried up and died.

Like millions of Americans, the state of our national economic and political affairs has me scared, ok, terrified.

Don’t Bum People Out

As children, we often heard our elders say, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything. Since I am a self-proclaimed positarian (n. person who sees the glass half-full, not half empty) and the mastermind behind a site called Giggle On!, I decided to shut my pie hole about my fears.

My ego said “be chipper” and “don’t bum people out” with your negative whiney joo-joo. In my recent post, Tips to Boost your Mood, I advised my readers to avoid negative people. I guess that means I have to avoid myself. As much as I would like to run away from myself very quickly, I know that tactic doesn’t work (read Jury Duty Jesus for more details). Plus, I was not blessed with the DNA of a sprinter. Damn the luck. 

I tried to force myself to smile but all I could do was frown. Forced smiles are disingenuous. Keeping quiet might be a nice idea in theory, but in reality, it sets us up for failure. Bottled up emotions have the tendency to explode Mount Vesuvius. Not good. Not good at all.

I do get angry. I curse. I yell, scream, cry and get pissy. I get scared. I am human.

Am I having a heart attack?

A few days ago, in the pit of my own freakish terror, I wrote to one of my dearest and oldest friends, Maggie.

I feel like I am having a heart attack over here Mags. Looks like Washington is still conducting business as usual and hard working Americans like me are going to foot the bill for a big fat pork sandwich.

I’ll pass on the greasy pork please. Just send my taxes back. Government is broke!

Why are we incentivizing failure?

We can not keep borrowing from tomorrow, borrowing from China and discouraging private enterprise and small businesses. I own a small business. Where’s my stimulus?

Maybe I should just say “screw it” and close my business, walk away, stop working, eat Ding-Dongs, ring up debt, file bankruptcy and ask for a bailout too.

I’ll get on the dole and drink cosmos everyday. If Congress rewards failure then hells bells, where can I get in line? Do I take a number or what? How’s it all work?

The “can’t beat, em, join em” mentality is a cop out, yes, but perhaps ignorance, loss of my personal freedom and enslaving myself to Washington DC is really bliss? I dunno.


Thank God for good friends. Thank GOD for the opportunity to rant talk about things in life that concern scare me.

Here’s what Maggie said:

You sound as if you are taking a lot of the world’s problems on yourself. I agree with you, but it’s just too damned easy to give up. You aren’t the type to take the easy way out. Thank God there are people like you running your business in an honest way, too bad there are a bunch of numb nuts on Wall Street who got too greedy and now most of us won’t ever be able to retire. Right now there are too many horrible things going on in the world and sometimes you need a vacation from the news. So take a day off from reading the paper or internet news and give yourself some time just for you and Rosie.

The world will still turn and you have to turn with it. It’s also ok to lose your giggle every once in a while, but don’t lose it permanently.

There are funny things in the world – like when my son Connor told me he was going to stick his Mr. Incredible doll in his butt!

And farts – farts are always funny!

Connor, you are one funny kid. *laughing* And you are right Mags, farts ARE always funny, well, almost always.

Talking to friends is the best Giggle Stimulus Plan I could ask for. Thanks Mags and Connor for helping to lift me out of my freakish fearful funk and thanks for holding the greasy pork!

I promise not to permanently lose my Giggle again Maggie.

We will have no more talk of Giggle Gone. We will shout from town to town…

Giggle On!


  1. I’m always fascinated by your “Tags”…but on a side note, I loved this post. You are SO dead-on. How many times are we stuck in a rut, but then someone or something comes along to remind us that “it’s OK to be UN-Giggled sometimes”! I’m going through that myself right now, too….and you always are one of those friends who bring me back to find my feet….with fabulous shoes on them, too!! WOO! xo

  2. I am so relieved that your giggle gets to take a nap once in a while.
    You are so allowed to be an authentic human and realistic person while you inspire the rest of us to see the other side and giggle!
    This actually makes the giggle more appreciated.
    Thank you!

  3. Christa thanks for sharing ur struggles with the economic condition. Of course no one will take responsibility for the mess that was created. And the guys/gals that try and resolve will be criticized. Do we let it just worse, or do we (someone) try and make it better? If there is the big crash, small and big businesses will be destroyed. Families and people too! I am sure it is hard to see the big corporations of greed getting financial support. I am hoping the government will monitor how the money granted is used. I am encouraged that the American press is awakening. Well some! TMZ pointed out one of the big Chicago banks took some stimulus money and at the same time was throwing a glistzy bash in Hollywood during Oscar time. Others are being exposed. Public opinion will punish them if the press keeps up the pressure. Again thanks for sharing…Carry

  4. I am so honored to be quoted in this post. And I am glad you are feeling better and getting your giggle back! When things get tough I think of one of my favorite “Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey”

    “Sometimes I think the whole world’s gone crazy. And then I think…what’s for dinner?”
    Big HUGS

  5. Christa..if you insist on having a birthday on March 4th, want to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Sending early as do not want to forget…and I am always in advance…C

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