Favorite things, relish in the good stuff

Why do so many people have odd fascination talking and worrying about all the big bad hairy problems in life?

We bitch and whine about dislikes and distastes. It is seemingly easier for us to rattle off a list of all the things we hate about our day, and our lives, than talk about the good stuff. I am guilty of this bad habit too, I confess.

Why do we focus on the negative?

Why not be thankful for what you’ve got?

Many times when a friend or spouse asks us about our day, we often respond with “my day sucked”, “my morning cup of coffee was watery”, “I hate my boss”, “I stepped in dog poo” or “I don’t think anyone loves me so I’m gonna eat worms”. Boo hoo.

Change the tape

How about changing the negative tape pattern?

Start by focusing on the positives like:

  1. “A total stranger bought me a cup of coffee today.”
  2. “I invented a way to liquefy marshmallows.”
  3. “My dog picked up her own poo at the park this morning.” or
  4. “My boyfriend told me I look thin and fabulicious in my jeans” :-)

To combat the desire to spew negativity I think it’s a great idea to check in with yourself from time to time and make a list of your favorite things.

I love lists and I love talking about things that make me happy.

Relish in the goodness and more goodness will come to you. Like attracts like (yes, I’m talking about the power of attraction stuff). It’s just that simple.

Free flow baby

Get out a sheet of paper and a pen and write down a random free flow list of some of your favorite things.  Don’t edit yourself. Just let ‘er rip.

Please feel free to share your list here as long as it isn’t triple XXX rated. :-)

Christa’s Favorite Things:

  • red lipstick prints (mine) on everything
  • eating chocolate sundaes for dinner
  • scratching myself
  • farts, farting, fart jokes (vulgar, but true)
  • post-it notes
  • my dog (not a “thing” but still my favorite giggle machine)
  • anything purple (why wait until I’m an old lady to wear it? Do it NOW!)
  • Google
  • killing mice (I am also not a Buddhist)
  • Giggle On thongs (shameless plug)
  • talking to dead people, and their friends
  • any opportunity to discuss peeing in my pants

Got some favorite things to share? Leave a comment. Love to hear from you!

Giggle On!

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Have fun. Make up new words!


  1. Too fun!! I want to play on this one.

    Things I love about my life, in no particular order and most definetely NOT a complete list:

    my hubbie, my doggie, my sister, my friends, waking up on my day off with a whole day to myself, laughing, camping, sage, road trips, cooking, chocolate, knitting, homemade strawberry jam, sunshine, foggy mornings, back scratches, live music, trees, cookies, thinking, sand under my feet, snuggling, kisses, hugs, chatting with a friend, debating, massages, water, ice tea, cool breeze on a hot day, smell of the ocean, a big rocky mountain, flowers, plants, grass, cleaning (yes, it’s true) friends, crystals, demolition of my house – and also the recontruction and upgrading of my house, healing, blankets, warm soup on a cold day, our broken down and beat up 74′ VW Camper Van, showers, walking outside, basil, my backyard, napping on the beach, forehead kisses, watching the sunset off the mountains, mojitos, holidays in ireland, memories of my life, fresh chicken eggs (i miss our chickens), my good luck, egypt and all things egyptian, hippos, hardwood floors, cool pillowcases, watching clouds, cold beer, sheep, watching ants, mexican food, reiki, hearing “i love you” from someone i love, baking….

    i just love life. we are so, so blessed and lucky to have such a beautiful and amazing place to live.

  2. We need to focus on our likes, our positives

    Hot tea first thing in the morning, any other time as well. Peanut butter. Strawberry jam. Homemade muffins. Jazz, classical or New Age music. Linking my stereos. Delicious homemade soup. Smiles from an older person. Kids laughing. My friends old Springer’s tail going mad and bring me a shoe when I visit. My Norwegian Forest cat mugging me (sometimes). Deep philosophical discussions. A beautiful woman. The smile of a beautiful woman. A smart challenging woman. Bikinis. Thongs on, and then maybe off! Being loved by a smart, beautiful, smiling woman who wore a thong or bikini!!!! Loving a smart, beautiful woman in a thong or bikini!! Ha!! Email from a friend. A walk in the rain. A fall day with leaves coming down. Memories of a departed friend. Seeing a young person going back to school (believing in him/herself). Fish and chips with Heinz Catsup. Hearing my national anthem (Canadian). Being proud of my country and how we honor our fallen soldiers.

    The first frost that kills the damn ragweed and lets me breath again with my allergies.

  3. things I love…..

    Connor’s hugs and the funny things he says
    Emma’s smile first thing in the morning
    Cuddling with Jay
    Laughing out loud at funny memories
    The first sip of coffee in the morning
    My guilty pleasure of taking a nap sometimes in the afternoon when the kids are napping.

  4. Yeah, we have early takers on the favorite things game. WOO hoo!

    @ Ann Marie – I barely hit the publish button on this post when you chimed in with your list. AWESOME! Since you were the first person to comment about your favorite things, I think it’s safe to say you are pretty connected to the good in life. You’ve got a great attitude! I like cleaning too – don’t laugh at me either. COOKIES, now there’s a good one. Hippos – you don’t hear that one every day. I give you a 10 for originality!

    @ NAB – I threw that one in special for you. Knew you wouldn’t be able to resist it.

    @ Carry – Can we get a second soup lover here? AMEN! Here’s hoping that first frost comes soon for ya. Also, where can I send your girl a pair of Giggle On thongs (hum, what’s the postage like to the Great White North anyway?) Side note: I did not, in any way, solicit Carry and ask him to comment and include the word “thong”. I know I’ve been on a thong kick lately and didn’t want any of you to think I was involved in any way. My name is Christa and I approved this message.

    @ lg marge – your list was poetic and so heartwarming. I read it and had a strong desire to drink cocoa and cuddle a Raggedy Ann doll. And moms shouldn’t feel guilty for taking naps. You carried the babies, sleep sista and don’t be afraid to drool on that pillow either.

    Ok now, how ’bout the rest of you? I know you’re out there!!!!!!!!

    Oh, I want to add peanut butter and banana sandwiches to my list. Can I do that? Um, yeah. My blog. My rules. Schwing baby!

  5. i forgot peanut butter too…. the staple in my life! Even better when combined with chocolate or a banana…. or an apple. But best eaten right out of the container!

  6. You look fabulicious in your jeans walking the backroads of vulgarian hilariousness! Don’t forget to add Rosie to the list. Matthew McConaughey

  7. I want to confirm that Christa in no way bribed me to mention “thongs”. Ha…

    I wonder if some know that there are styles of thongs…Tall, short and mediums!!! I am a medium man!!! Although I can handle the tall and short one!!

    How do I know this??? A sexy friend has educated me well.

    Okay Christa I will be good…C

  8. Early mornings, biscuits and gravy fror breakfast on a winter morning, happy people, my home, my flowers, my friends, my daughter, my man, sunsets, riding on a Harley without a helmet, FRIDAYS, road trips without a destination, margaritas on a hot summer day, laying in the warm sun, floating in the pool, gay men, crabs, the smell of an apple cake baking, reading, taking naps, new razors, history, a meditation journey, hiney rubs, head rubs, pedicures, my job, my boss, my coworkers, throwing darts, bonfires, early morning walks in a fresh fallen snow, alone time, baths, fridge full of food, haunted houses. I guess to sum it up, like Anne Marie said, I too feel soooo blessed to have such an amazing life, with amazing people in it!

  9. @ Melissa – I love how your brain works. Let’s mash together cold pizza after a night of Wii playing and sex (that’s sex with a partner, of course and not a solo somethin’ somethin’, although, no harm in that since it’s probably a favorite thing pasttime for millions of people. This does not include sex on the Wii, although, I’m sure somebody’s tried that at some point).

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