Entrepreneur: Egomaniac, Raging Bitch or Just Outright Crazy?

For those of you that may think I’m an egomaniac, raging bitch or just outright crazy to own and manage my own business, let me share with you some of my thoughts and perspective about being an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurs are a very special breed of people.

1.   I risk my own money, my house, my future earnings and reputation on my business. I’m on the hook for a whole lot of money and I take that real seriously. No one likes or sets out to fail. I intend to succeed.

2.   I am extremely motivated and passionate. Don’t fault me for it. I’ve probably helped get you your job, help keep you in your job, may hire you in the future or loan you some cash.

3.   I work a lot. I am no 9-5-er. I eat and sleep my business. Why? Refer to number 1, 2 & 4.  Would I love a vacation? Damn straight I would. Anybody have a shore house for rent?

4.   I control my own destiny. This is important because it is empowering. Got empowerment? If not, get some, it is good stuff.

5.   I am responsible for my company’s image, the cash flow, expansion, liquidity and daily operations. Things don’t just “happen” without effort and labor (as much as I wished it otherwise).

6.   Considering most new businesses fail within 18 months of starting, I’m pretty pleased I’m still kicking 8 years later. That counts for something.

7.   I accept the accomplishment and failures of the business. I thank God for the accomplishments and failures because I learn something either way. (I prefer accomplishments though.)

8.   I am always looking for ways to do things better. Get over it. The day I stop trying to improve myself, my operation and my life is the day after I’m dead (even then, I’ll still be trying to progress in the afterlife).

9.   If you screw up, I will tell you. Why? See 1.  Everyone makes mistakes, I have had my fair share but accountability is fundamental in the business world. Accountability goes both ways – I am accountable to my clients, my employees, my business partner and my other customers. If I screw up, THEY WILL tell me too.


  1. Hey Christa,

    It is not an either/or issue. As I recall, you are a raging bitch AND a crazy woman. And I mean that in the best possible way 🙂

    After all, I was with you late one night lost somewhere in northern Philly when you were waving your car club out the window at another car full of people who had managed to offend us in some way. One of my favorite Philly memories.


  2. Refreshing to hear and yes, most people that go off on their own are usually considered nuts by familty and friends, until they’re more successful than them. I’ve also been through a multitude of triumphs and failures and while the triumphs have been sweet, the failures are better learning experiences. As long as you don’t blame anyone else on the failures but realize it was probably something you failed to do or account for and take responsibiltiy for it there is no way you can’t become a better or more successful person.

  3. Now that’s a woman. To Hell with growing old gracefully and going quietly into that good night. Rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.

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