Giggle On is making a positive impact with business professionals, students, educators, health care providers, patients and more!  Scroll for recommendations and reviews from our growing list of happy clients.

Business and Health Care Professionals

Rave reviews about Giggle On's Stress Less Laugh More workshop

We received great feedback from our staff regarding your Stress Less, Laugh More presentation. You and your presentation were great! Thank you for traveling and spending the afternoon with us. We are starting a Health and Wellness Committee and I think the post event data you have provided will be a great help for us. By the way, we are already applying what we learned from you. I was having a busy, hectic, not so fun day recently and my coworker handed me a kazoo and we both started laughing.”  – Becky Brooking, NORWESCAP, Phillipsburg, NJ

“As the CFO and Deputy Executive Director of Ministry of Caring, I wanted to express my appreciation for the presentation that you made for our General Staff Meeting on June 26, 2013. Your gifts generated a laughter/lighter perspective here at MOC; we all need that kind of reminder, especially when the harsh reality of life challenges us face to face on a daily basis. You definitely helped all of us to be much more aware of what’s going on inside of us and in our environment.” – Mark J. Poletunow (full letter)

"Why Laughter Is Good For Us" thank you letter from Helen F Graham Cancer Center

After a “Celebrate Change with Laughter” session for cancer care management staff at Christiana Care on March 13, 2014:

Giggle On brightened the day at Christiana Care!

Feedback: "The Value of Laughter" at DuPont Laughter yoga and self-care is one of my favorite things I learned.  I never knew how to self-care so it was good to learn new techniques.” – Child Life professional

“Christa’s breakout session for Stress Less, Laugh More brought a group of 30+ strangers together for an hour of incredible exercises and games, culminating in a Marshmallow Launcher contest. Throughout the session, it was amazing to see the audience members, especially a male breast cancer survivor, come together, be silly, greet each other, and be able to act like carefree children for the first time in a long time for most of them.” – Katie O’Dell-Shreve, President, Cancer *B* Ware & Marketing Director, J.P. Morgan Chase Card Controls Management Team

Thank you for taking the time to come out today for our Laughter Yoga session at Wilmington University. It was not only fun but insightful!” – Kayla Andrews, MS Employee Wellness Center Director at Wilmington University

Laughter Ice Breaker a hit with CORE Group

“I wanted to take a minute to reiterate my appreciation for a job well done. I heard many positive comments about the program and I personally feel that many people will be better off from having heard your message. By “you” I mean you Christa and Lani. It was a terrifically interesting program that was relevant for all the participants even the two gentlemen. I hope that you will have many more contacts from our group. If I can be of any help let me know. Good Luck.” -Pam M, one of the organizers of Essential Skills for Successful Women Lawyers.

“I was impressed with how well Christa articulated what we would do in the Laughter Yoga Workshop. I enjoyed learning about the science of laughter. The exercises were dopey but Christa warned us the exercises might feel contrived. I came to class with an open mind so I was willing to follow her without judgment and see what would happen. Before I knew it, the fake laughing turned real. I laughed because others were laughing and I truly had fun! End result: I exercised, enjoyed myself and felt good afterward.” –Clark C. Kingery, Esq.

“You really met all our expectations…and then some! People got a big kick out of it. And I loved the (laughter) pledge at the end. We should all take it every day.” – Ann Hendrix-Jenkins, Director of Partnership Development, CORE Group


College Students

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twitter.com 2014-5-31 11 24 56 Giggle On delivers fun at University of Delaware. #collegelife #stress #mentalhealth
When asked how the laughter session in November 2013 made her feel, Victoria Arthur, Vice President of Service for Alpha Phi Omega at University of Delaware said, she felt “proud, impressed, invigorated,” and said she would recommend similar sessions to school administrators and human resources personnel “without hesitation.” “I think colleges need someone like you,” she said. “Your message was so simple that I think it really struck an unexpected chord. People are still talking about it in a positive light.” Victoria also said that students provided “amazing” feedback, and many are asking when Christa is returning to present again.

“Thank YOU for coming out and sharing your laughter with us! We all had a great time. We are already discussing possibly having you back in the spring in collaboration with our Wellness Resource Center in the spring. “-  Sarah R. Cohen, Active Minds at Temple University

University of Delaware students embrace Giggle On's mental health & stress reduction message. Got laughter?

From Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for the Resident Student Association at the University of Delaware, Briana Brookens, after a Keep Calm Giggle On presentation March 18, 2014:

Briana Brookens review of Giggle On programming

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University of Delaware Resident Student Association review of Giggle On's laughter workshop

Another happy #GiggleOn client!

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College students learn to handle stress the right way. #collegelife #mentalhealth

High School Educators

Thank you so much for yesterday. I’ve never done a retreat that had such overwhelmingly positive feedback. The girls loved yesterday. Some feedback to print and post…”  – Mrs. Re Flynn, Campus Minister, Ursuline Academy


Laughter workshop huge hit with middle school students!

“On behalf of myself and the students at Bo Manor High, thank you for making us laugh!” – Kim Sentman, Physical Education and Health Teacher, Bohemia Manor High School

Middle School Students

The students were impressed that someone could speak so openly about faith and trust in God.  Your faith sharing was an inspiration to me.  So often people are reluctant to talk about God in public.  Thank you. “- Maryanne ‎Bemiller, Director of Religious Education at St. Joseph on the Brandywine

Middle School Students learn about mental health through play

Mental Health Organization

Inspiring the masses at mental health event

Cancer Patient

A thank you from a male cancer patient

And More…

I had always heard of laughter sessions and it truly was something on my bucket list to attend and now I can’t stop thinking about the affect it had on me. I use it at any moment I have found myself in need. For example, on the way to my exercise class the other day, I realized I didn’t have coffee so how was I going to harbor the energy I definitely needed within the 15 minute drive to get there? And it dawned on me…I can LAUGH! So I did – for fifteen minutes straight! Even with people cutting me off, and the world going on about their busy day – I laughed at it all.” – Jessica Shy

What an amazing self-awareness workshop. I feel lighter and my jaw lost its stress clutch. Thank you for a great workshop!” – Annie Mountain, Interim Director, Mary Mother of Hope House I at Ministry of Caring

Keep up the funny work! I feel better. It was a little embarrassing at first but fake laughing really works.” – KJ

Giggle On

“I loved Christa’s laughter yoga workshop! I also love that Laughter Yoga seems to address a very serious matter…our mental, physical and spiritual health by exercising what is rightfully ours to begin with: JOY!” Jeff Dietz “My energy level is way up, I really needed a lift. Thank you so much. I work with infants, so I can really identify with a class like this. I laugh and sing and exercise with my infants every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”  – Staff member at Ministry of Caring

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Christa is an exceptional yoga teacher. She truly cares about her students and makes sure her class is well planned. I keep hearing from her students how enthusiastic she is and how much she helps them with their struggles.” – Pavla Ksionzkova, Health & Wellness Asst. Director at Central YMCA (Delaware)

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Christa has a lighthearted approach to teaching yoga. The material is presented well by explanation first, then demonstrating while reminding the class of the important aspects of the pose, followed up with plenty of feedback.  Beginners or those with some experience will appreciate what Christa brings to the class.” – Cathy B.

Suicide Sucks, review by Dr. Lissa Rankin

“I’ve come to admire Christa over the years for her sincere dedication to any job or project she takes on. She does nothing half-hearted and has nothing but the truest of intentions for good with her circle of friends and through her Giggle On website and Laughter Yoga classes.” – Joyce Ostrand, RYT-200

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“Your innovative teaching style and the ability to bring a disparate group of people together for an hour of fun, exercise and enthusiastic dancing was most impressive.” -Joe Melloy

“How many times have you heard about the healing power of laughter? How about how laughter oxygenates your body, increases the production of endorphins? We’ve all experienced how great it feels even hours after we yuk it up with friends. So take all that information, which is sort of useless without practice, and learn how to laugh for no reason. That’s what I did when I got my Giggle On with Christa. Putting my “smile mask” on and sending the message to my brain (and the world) that joy is always available can change my day. And I believe that practicing the no-sweat, easy “movements” in Christa’s Laughter Yoga class can change my health and my life. Thanks Christa for helping me get my giggle on!” – Jayla Boire

“When I first walked into the room, the first thoughts that came into my head where, why the hell did I sign up for this, this is so far outside my personality. I felt awkward, and believed I looked like a fool because I felt awkward. What gave me the courage to stay in the class was part of the instructor’s instructions, which were “fake it ‘til you make it”. Which I did, that changed my whole demeanor. I was able to loosen up, ignore my alter ego that kept trying to remind I looked like a fool, and returned to my childhood for an hour, where everything was allowable. I am so glad that I did. The benefits that I received from that one class were enormous. After the class I felt as though I could conquer any obstacle in my way. I felt light, euphoric, and elated. If I had not taken the time to just try, I would have missed out on something that had such a positive effect. Now, I would even say that I would practice laughter yoga again. Just try it. Before you know it, you will like it.” – Jeannette Oshitoye

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