Christa’s article featured on Open to Hope

Neil Chethik, one of the editors at Open to Hope, contacted me last month to ask permission to post my article Suicide Survivor’s Guilt on their web site.

Open to Hope provides information and resources for people who have experienced loss. They provide a forum where people who have experienced loss can learn from and help each other and provide educational grants and networking support for those whose studies are focused on improving the care of people who grieve.

The email from the Executive Editor, Neil Chethik, at Open to Hope came when I was knee deep in doubt and wondering if my site was repelling or attracting people. Even in the midst of laughter and silliness, talking about suicide and suicide prevention is a tough thing to do.

Have I bitten off more than any self-respecting Italian could possibly chew?

I granted Neil permission to post the article and thanked him for the recognition. I hope my story helps at least one person, that is, someone other than me. The title of the article at Open to Hope is Three Years After His Suicide, Her Guilt is Fading.

I am determined to keep on, keeping on and spread my message of hope and laughter. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Don’t Give Up!  Giggle On!

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