Build Confidence, Act “As If”


I love Wonder Woman

Back in the 1970’s I loved watching Lynda Carter transform from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman.  I also remember having a crush on Lyle Waggoner who played Major Steve Trevor. He was the King of Hot to me. Hawt – as in, I want to “drop it like it’s hot” (that one is for you Chelsea and Tasha). Handsome men in military uniforms make me swoon. But I digress…I want to talk about Wonder Woman!

Sometimes I pretend I am Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is my all time favorite superhero because she is enlightened, empowered, confident and she looks absolutely fabulous! Could her waist have been any smaller?

I pretend I have gorgeous long thick black hair, thin arms, fashionable outfits (minus the Diane Prince glasses), super strength and agility, powers of mental telepathy, model looks at 2000 years of age, bullet deflecting bracelets, a big American flag looking cape, a gold truth lasso and an invisible plane. Have you ever pretended to be a superhero?


Christa and Rosie acting “As If” they are in an invisible plane!

Pretending and the “As If” Philosophy

Thinking about being as fabulous as Wonder Woman made me all warm and fuzzy inside. Dreaming about having all her powers and abilities also reminded me of the Act “As If” philosophy Wayne Dyer talks about in the Power of Intention.

Act as if everything you desire is already here… treat yourself as if you already are what you’d like to become.

According to Dyer, the more you see yourself as what you’d like to become, and Act “As If” what you want is already here, the more you’ll activate  dormant forces that conspire to transform your dream into your reality. Most of us mastered the Act “As If” game when we were kids.

Why not play the Act “As If” game as adults?

Now granted, I can dress like Wonder Woman and pretend to have an invisible plane but I can’t BE Wonder Woman. I am not delusional!

Christa acting “As If” she can fly!


The Act “As If” philosophy is method I used to build my self confidence. Back when I was in the depths of sadness and despair the Act “As If” exercise helped me to start thinking about who I wanted to be and stop thinking about the person I was (a mess).  I found that pretending, dreaming and imagining were powerful confidence boosting activities. When I acted “As If” my life had true meaning, I started to live my day to day life differently. The more confident I became the better I was at handling and managing stress and change. Over time I began to treat myself with more compassion, respect and love.

Acting “As If” I was happy, empowered & physically fit made me feel that I was happy, empowered & physically fit! This change in attitude and confidence level did not happen overnight. Over time my thoughts and my reality merged. I am pleased to report I am now happy, empowered & physically fit!

Rosie acting “As If” she can fly!


Try this exercise. Pretend to be the best version of yourself. What does the best version of yourself look like? How do you act? What clothes do you wear? What is your fitness level?  What types of activities do you engage in on a daily basis? What type of home would you live in? Where would you live? What kinds of relationships would you have?

  1. Get an image in your mind about how you want to be.
  2. Act “As If” you already are already that person.
  3. Wash, Rinse & Repeat Daily.
  4. Report back to me in 30-45 days with your progress!

Don’t Give Up! Giggle On!

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  1. Oh man. I just read my new favorite Giggle On article. For me, it’s always been one superhero in particular. Spider-man! I identified so closely with this guy, that at one point in the late 70’s I was buying all five of his comic book titles at simultaneously. I imagined many times “as if.” I still do.

  2. The “as is” approach is a great way to practice what you aspire to.

    Ah Linda Carter as Wonder Woman!!! Was there anyone else on that show??? I just remember Wonder Woman…ha

  3. Awesome post!!! You make a perfect Wonder Woman (dig that tiny waist!) I learned the “Act as if” method when I was dealing with anxiety disorder. It sounds so easy (and, in a way, it is), but you really have to be patient and persistent, because your mind keeps butting in and saying, No, you are NOT relaxed, dummy!

    Thanks for the great post.

    JD at I Do Thingss last blog post..I Put Bacon in It so you don’t have to

  4. You look fantastic Wonder Woman! I AM getting my self up and finishing the laundry. I thought it done, by saying I am finished but dang it was still in the dryer!

  5. Giggs,
    I’ve been “acting AS-IF” since about 5:00 PM last evening. Before you gave me raw peppers (BURP!! – excuse me…) Thanks for that….


    Gabby’s jealous of Rosie’s cape, so I told her to act as if she had one, too, and she’s been fine ever since.

    LOVE YOU!!!

    • @ Luke – A spider man fan huh? What qualities and characteristics of Spiderman’s do you wish for?

      @ Carry – There were men on the Wonder Woman show, my man Major Steve was my crush! What is on your “As If” list Carry?

      @ JD – Patience and persistence is absolutely key when trying to “change the tape” we have in our minds. Should you find yourself in situations where your mind butts in and you find you are getting agitated or stresses, visualize a place where you go in nature that relaxes you and take 5 long deep breaths in and 5 breaths out. This is so simple yet so useful when we get ourselves all bungled up (or, panties in a wad syndrome as I call it).

      @ Lea – Funny Lea, I can’t see you as Dyer for the same reason you mentioned. I picture you with hair! Lots of it! *laughing* I still picture me with a thin waist although I think my bottom ribs get in the way from making that a reality.

      @ Anita – I hope you finished your laundry! What if you were to imagine a life where you didn’t have to do laundry at all? How would you spend your time? What would your house look like? Where would you live? Think about that next time you do a load of tightie whities for your hubby. DREAM BIG and seal your intention with Reiki. I KNOW you can!

      @ Annie – Giggs huh? I like that. I also like Giggleton! I received your email this morning about your inspired blog. You’ve taken the “acting as if” philosophy and started to run with it. Good for you! Raw veggies are good for you but next time, I’ll have some Beano on hand. Remember – RESPECT YOURSELF!

      @ Liara – Thank you for stopping by Liara. I just book marked your blog and I loved your latest post: 5 Ways to gain new insight into the real you! We hold the power to create lives by design and not by default. I applaud you for helping to spread positive messages at your blog and recommend that my readers check you out.

      @ Jay at Yoga for Cynics – Trust me my friend, I could appreciate Lynda Carter’s sizzliciousness but I wasn’t looking at it from the anatomy of male puberty. But if I I were a guy……and I’ll leave IT at that! *laughing*

  6. I’ve never pretended to be Wonder Woman…or my best self, but both sound like good ideas. What I have done is pretended that I like people, pretended that I’m having a good time, and I know that those can actually work. Smiling, laughing, letting myself joke with a person can overcome a lot of negative feelings about them. I discovered it once when I was horrified to be NOT disliking someone anymore.

    Love the illustrations!

    Ruths last blog post..If You Can’t Be Compassionate To Yourself…

  7. I often act “as if” I am something I want to be.

    It’s a bit like dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.

    I also love Wonder Women. She is by far the coolest of the lady super heros.

    Ks last blog post..Meme: 7 Facts about Me

  8. Christa: Well I declare–other people on Wonder Woman!!! Hard to believe. Steve never caught my eye! My “As If”?? I am running from Wonder Woman but my old football knee is slowing me down and she just might catch me!! What then????

  9. In High School I decided my philosophy would be: “Fake it ’til ya make it” — fake confidence; people treat you as if you have confidence, thereby building your confidence.

    Later I ran into “Create Your Own Reality” – same difference.

    Now I’m working on, “What other people think of me is none of my business…. most of the time.” 😉

    Great post! Nice Blog 🙂

    • @Carrie – thanks for stooping by and for the compliment! I also have a hard time not worrying about what other people think – what matters more is what we think about ourselves.

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