Brain Farts

What, When…Huh?…………..

At one time or another, each and everyone one of us falls victim to hiccups in concentration, momentary lapses in memory or as Rachel Flower from Senssoma calls it, “inane forgetfulness“.

I call these things…Brain Farts.

Please don’t hail down on me for being disgusting and childish (but admittedly, I am). ………….

I didn’t make up the term or the condition called – Brain Farts.

Thankfully, there is no offensive odor from a Brain Fart (BF for short). At least, I’ve never experienced it.

If anyone has evidence to the contrary, please see me at the end of this blog. thanks-so-much

Brain Farts, or Cerebral Oopsie’s, generally happen while we perform repetitive tasks. Don’t believe me? Check out what Wikipedia says about Brain Farts.

The Urban Dictionary defines a Brain Fart as follows:

When you are attempting to remember something very obvious, someting that you know you should know. This feeling often leads to head banging and hair pulling.

There is no known cure for Brain Farts but I did read about a Mind-Reading Hat that Could Reduce Brain Farts…in-teresting

During a BFE, Brain Fart Episode, we forget what we’re doing, where we are and what we were going to say.

It’s like information, knowledge and know-how is getting sucked outta our brains like some tornado on steroids! Dorothy, Toto, Auntie Em! It’s a twister! It’s a twister!

Brain Fart Episodes (a true story)


Picture yourself racing furiously down the steps in your house like a little kid excited to open presents on Christmas morning. Even though you’ve climbed and descended steps a ga-zillion times, you STOP DEAD in your tracks mid-way down because your body seems to have forgotten what a step is or how to descend one.

Alert: You just had a Brain Fart.


Set your car keys on the dining room table and walk away. Think about your car keys. Visualize the keys. Remind yourself repeatedly, “Car keys on table. Car keys on table. Car keys on table.” While rambling off your “car keys on table” mantra, search your pants pockets, handbag and coat for your car keys and ask yourself, Where the heck are my keys?


Dude, where’s my memory at? Brain Fart 2. Christa Zilch. Zero. Nada.


While separating laundry in piles of delicates, whites & colors, hold up a pair of Victoria’s Secret purple mesh thongs. Your brain goes blank. Not only can’t you recall the name of the garment in your hands, you don’t know why you are in the laundry room in the first place.


DING, DING, DING….Brain Fart strikes again!



When was your last brain fart?

(1) This happens to me at least once a year, maybe more..

(2) This was a daily problem in my world until I got myself a key dish. Ah-ha!

(3) Yes, purple thongs. Any more questions?


  1. @ Carrie – I heard pregnancy increased the rate of BFE’s. Just be careful you don’t have a continuous brain fart when changing poo diapers. yikky

    @ Comedy Plus – thanks for the green light to pilfer from your site. I’ll be baaack! Thanks for stopping by too!!!

    @ JD at I Do Things – I feel you sister. Ever had a BF while your glasses were on your head or STILL on your face? Now then I’d be crazy worried for you.

    @ Maricris – is your name a subtle way of stating you want to Marry Chris(ta)? I’m just askin’?

  2. @ Lea Kelly – slippers in the fridge? For real? That’s an AWESOME Brain Fart. We can talk about a prize…sure thing! Brain Rolaids, another good one – damn, wish I’d thought of that! DOH!

    @ One Hypomaniac – you are not alone, trust me! Welcome to the Giggle On! world. Glad you stopped by to check things out – please come on back!!

  3. Well, my sweet – you’d best be gettin’ crazy worried about me then – I CONSTANTLY look for my glasses only to find them atop my head. Ask my kids – its their proof I really AM ‘old’. I’m not sure whether it’s the fact that I have to wear them, or that I’m always looking for them…matters not – I am NOT old.

    Let me share MY latest BFE:

    On the 4th, I accompanied my daughter on a field trip. Before we left, I put my camera in my empty lunch bag. I had to drive my own car, so the plan was to stop somewhere on the 2hr drive to get something to put in the lunch bag.

    Then I was told lunch was the last event before reloading the bus, so I didn’t have to get a lunch on the way – I could just stop somewhere on the drive home. Cool.

    Got there, went to look in my purse for the camera, didn’t find it, concluded my dumb ass must have left it at home. Went in, did the tour of the museum, got back in the car, drove the 100 miles back home, and spent the next 6 days looking for the damned camera – because you know – it wasn’t at home, either!

    Where’d I find it? In the lunch bag, of course. And only because the daughter wanted to take her lunch to school yesterday.

    Yeah. It’s like THAT around here.

    I think I need a litte sumpin’ more than Brain Rolaids.

    Suzanne Says…s last blog post..Choices and Decisions

    • @ vodkamom – they either smell, or they don’t – whats-it-gonna be? And hey, will you make me a purple cosmo please?

      @ Suzann – BF induced BF. That’s like a chain BFR, brain fart reaction. Thanks for swingin’ on SiTsta – hope you pop back over again, bring your cuppa joe and hang for a spell.

      @ Suzanne – yes, with an “e”. You win the best BF narrative so far. Question – do you know where your glasses are now? I’m not sure what’s better than Brain Rolaids. Lea Kelly really made funny on that one!

      Anyone….got a topper for Brain Rolaids?

      @ Lg Marge – with a 6 month old and an toddler, you can have as many brain farts as you like. Now this GPS thing sounds perfect. I’ve lived in DelaWHERE? for almost a decade and I still get lost going to the easiest of place. Brain Farts galore! Brain Fart Bazaar and Brain Fart Extravaganza in my world. Oy-veh!

  4. Brain Farts are my exercise for my brain. LOL.
    Here I was trying to think of when my last one was and guess what, I had a BF thought induced brain fart. Although, it might be better explained by the lack of coffee I have consumed this morning.
    FUN Blog Miss Sitsa – you were the commenter above me this morning and wanted to pop by to visit ya.

    Suzanns last blog post..The Christmas Tree

  5. LOVE the picture of your brain fart – I am constantly having them – but unfortunately while driving! I forget where I am going – thank goodness for the GPS. Going down the stairs thing is so true!!

    I forget what I was going to say next….

  6. Love the brain fart pics. My personal favorite is putting a my sunglasses on my head, so they don’t get scratched in my bag, and then looking all over for them. Happens more than yearly-pretty sure they’re also known as senior moments. I decide I’m too young for that.

  7. Brain Farts…CRS..(can’t remember shit) That seems to be me. It has to be a hormonal thing…My brother was borrowing my truck for a few days and I had his vehicle. I was driving to work, stopped in the town market for a coffee, walked out, got in his vehicle, (so I thought) looked over on the passenger seat, saw a mans gym bag, and thought this is NOT the car I drove in. Also, smelled like a mans cologne. Holy shit, I was in the wrong car. Thank goodness no one saw me get in or out! Needless to say, I did laugh my ass off about that one for days.

  8. Too funny…but yes I agree to the BF. In my experience, i have stopped talking in a middle of a conversation, because i forget what the discussion was about. Definitely, BF!

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