Adventures in Petaluma

Carmela and Christa laugh

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Giggling On in California

I have been, as they say, a very busy beaver beaver lately (please insert mental image of a giggling beaver).

I just returned home from a week in Petaluma, California after hanging out with my Laughter Yoga Teacher, Carmela Carlyle and gal pals Lissa Rankin and Joy Mazzola from Owning Pink. Most of the week was spent with Carmela, a former Wilmington babe (can I call her that, geez, maybe I should ask first) and we worked on a bunch of videos about Laughter Yoga.

Check out my off-the-cuff-shout-out-video shot in Petaluma last week. I share some of the cool groovy gifts I purchased for myself and as give-aways for Giggle On Team members for the E-Racing the Blues event this fall. You gotta check out dashboard Jesus!


Altar WorkshopAltar Workshop in Mill Valley

Last Saturday, the 15th of August, I attended a workshop in Mill Valley called Owning Your Power. It wasn’t about electricity or power tools. It was about claiming our own personal power through the creation of a home altar.

Although I am not the epitome of the pink girlie girl that Lissa, Carmela and Joy are (they are hard core pink lovers and admirers of many girlie things) I had fun making my altar. I shot a brief video for my friend Lissa and my altar was featured on her recent blog post. Look closely at the photos on her blog post and look for my favorite 4 legged friend, Rosie, on my masterpiece.

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Don’t call me Steven Spielberg or Frank Coppola

Little Miss Christa, moi, Miss Gigglepants, Lady  Giggleton (yadda yadda yadda) shot a series of videos for Carmela in a very short period of time. I am no Steven Spielberg or Frank Coppola but my little baby Flip camera recorded  Carmela in action as she led a variety of laughter yoga sessions in Sonoma and Marin Counties (I was on the floor during the session filming).

Check out the happy group of elders from the Chair and Wheelchair Laughter Yoga Club of Sonoma County giggling away. Per Carmela, this video is being featured on the Dr. Madan Kataria’s web site today. In less than 7 days one of the videos I shot is being seen around the world. How cool is that?

Kazoo Training 101

The long awaited kazoo lesson is here. While sitting in Carmela’s dining room (and with uncombed hair) I whipped out my trusted purple kazoo and took a video of myself humming away. It’s a hum with the kazoo folks, not a blow.

Check out the video for details and get your Kazoo On!


I am headed back to my day job to make the donuts. Have yourself a giggly day and as my Laughter Yoga teacher says, “Joy is a choice“. Choose joy. Choose laughter. Giggle On!

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  1. Hey giggly yoga girl, I’m passing out kazoos to the Kids Church Sunday for praise and worship. Gotta’ love a good kazoo chorus. This will be followed by the Bible story and then smores . We have FUN in Kids church here in the Ozark hills and hollors. Ya’ll have a blessed evening!!!
    .-= Nezzy´s last blog ..BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE =-.

  2. @ Svasti – I sure will keep it up. You too girl. Glad to hear things are going so well for you. 🙂

    @ Nezzy – a kazoo chorus! Sounds fantabulous. I would love to see a video of that! And smores…man oh man, you know how to worship in your church – I only wish I were closer to join the fun. Many blessings to you too!

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