Acknowledge Love

Today is the day we set aside to remember and cherish love.

Love isn’t just meant for February 14th.

Love is for everyday.

Love is all the time.

Love comes in all forms, all shapes and all sizes.

We love people, pets, trees, the sky and the air we breathe.

Love is energy and like energy, love cannot be created or destroyed.

Love just is. Always.

Perhaps you are joyous in love today. Romantic love. Platonic love. Familial love. Pet love.

Hug your partner. Call your mom. Treat your dog. Shower them all with kisses. Tell them how you feel in your heart.

Relish that feeling.


Perhaps your heart aches today. Do you miss your loved one, friend, mother, father, son, daughter or even beloved pet who passed away?

Remember them. Talk about them. Share stories about the love you exchanged. Smile. You have a very special angel.

Relish that feeling.


The love you express, the love you share and the love you receive never dies.

Cherish the love deep in your heart.

Know love will be with you always.


Christa and Rosie

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    • @ Anita – unconditional love. Yes! Yes! Yes!

      @ Babs – thank you!

      @ Florida Girl – I am pleased you found me via JD’s site and that the post made you feel better. Your feedback made ME feel better too.

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