About Giggle On!®

Giggle On® promotes laughter as a wellness tool for improved mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. We help de-stress the over stressed and educate the masses about mental wellness using motivational techniques and the power of laughter.

What does “Get your Giggle On®” mean?

When you’re having fun, laughing, learning and enjoying life you’re “getting your Giggle On”.


How it Started

In 2007 Christa Scalies, future Founder of Giggle On, met a guy named Jim Sims from Austin, TX. Mr. Sims introduced Christa to the phrase “get your giggle on.” Giggle On was born in late 2007 as a blog and was a way for Christa to share her personal story of depression, grief and positive transformation after her friend Jim Thompson’s suicide. Jim Thompson’s suicide in 2005 actually saved Christa’s life. Sadly, Jim Sims also decided to leave this world by way of suicide in2009. Giggle On was initially dedicated to Jim Thompson but we also honor Jim Sims.

The comic and the tragic lie inseparably close, like light and shadow. – Socrates