9 Tips to Boost Your Mood

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Feeling blue, sluggish or just unhappy?

You are not alone! Learn how to improve your mood using my 9 Mood Boosting Tips. 

Here is how to get started:

1)  Decide you want to make a change in your life
2)  Learn mood boosting skills
3)  Practice, practice, practice

The most important component to boosting your mood is deciding you want to change. The following mood boosting tip list is not a complete anthology but it is a good place to start. Incorporating tips like these into my life helped me climb out of my personal pit of despair.

Caveat: If you are clinically depressed or think you may be, seek assistance from a mental health professional. Unsure if you’re depressed or its just lost mojo? Click here. If you are suicidal, click here.

9 Tips to Boost Your Mood

#1.  Avoid Negative People

Do you attract people in your life that drain your energy? Are you a magnet for unhappy people? I was! People who criticize, berate, make fun of you or crush your dreams are negative. You don’t need people like that busting your good mood. Wave your magic wand and cast them aside. BE GONE ENERGY ZAPPERS! If you cannot cast them aside completely, limit your contact.

Avoid negative sources, people, places, things and habits. Don’t give up and don’t give in. – Wanda Carter

#2.  Act Happy

You can make a conscious choice to break yourself from a gloomy mind-set. Thoughts create emotions and emotions lead us to act (act out, freak out, get pissed off). Focus on optimistic happy thoughts and limit negative thoughts. Act the way you want to feel and you will feel the way you want to act.

Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product. – Eleanor Roosevelt

#3.  Say Cheese

Smile. Smiling releases endorphins. These little teeny tiny molecule thingie-ma-bobbers help you feel better. When you start to smile, others smile back at you. Clark University psychologist argues we can make ourselves happy just by smiling. The behavior of smiling causes the feeling of being happy. Read that again – the behavior causes the feeling. Not the other way around!

Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing. – Mother Teresa.

#4.  Move Your Body

Step away from the tv and the computer (not until after you read this) and go out for a walk, play with your dog , dust off that gym membership, go running, biking or head to the local yoga studio. You don’t need to exercise for hours a day.  A brisk 20 minute walk does wonders for your mood, trust me! Exercise releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain killer and endorphins naturally boost your mood. For a fun workout, try Laughter Yoga (no special clothing or pretzel like positions required).

#5.  Nourish Your Body

Do you wonder why you feel tired? Are you always sick? If you eat like crap, you’re gonna feel like crap! It ain’t rocket science folks. You are what you eat! Ease up on the caffeine, sugar and fatty foods. If you need help trying to figure out what to eat and what to avoid, consult a nutrition expert. Bottom line: Honor your body and it will honor you.

#6.  Release Worry

Do you worry about everything? Do you worry if X happens then Y and Z will happen and if Y and Z happen, I’m screwed! Unless you can predict all future events (which you can’t) or you are God, the omnipotent (if you were, you wouldn’t be reading this), start to accept life is unpredictable. Instead of getting all bungled up in a web of sticky worry, focus on the positives. In order for negativity to grow and sustain, we need to feed it with our thoughts. Don’t feed the nasty worry beast and it won’t grow. For additional self-help strategies about anxiety relief, click here.


#7.  Don’t Try. Do.

Instead of “I’ll try to smile more” say “I will smile more” or even better, just smile more! Try is a word that gives you an excuse to quit or a reason to fail before you even get started. Why cut yourself off at the knees? Don’t say ‘Try’. Just Do!

Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’. – Jedi Master Yoda

#8.  Eat Cake

OK, yes and no. If it’s an anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate cake, have a piece – not the whole cake. What I’m really trying to say is: ENJOY! RELAX! NURTURE YOURSELF! Go to a movie. Draw. Take a long bath with aromatherapy oils. Nap. Commune with nature. Bask in the sun and breathe in fresh air. Play games with friends. Dance. Shake your booty (or your groove thing)!

#9.  Laugh

Laughter, giggling and silliness releases endorphins, natural pain killers and serotonin. Laughter makes us feel good, it brings people together and breaks down barriers. Find your giggle button, push it repeatedly and laugh. In case you need some help learning how to have fun, here are some Tips on How to Bring Playfulness into your life! When I want to laugh I watch episodes of Friends (Chandler cracks me up), play games with friends, impersonate Ethel Merman and get my laughter yoga on. 

Choose to change! Boost your Mood!  

Don’t Give Up! Giggle On!

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Dear Christa: My giggle is out of order. Please help!

Divine Inspiration slaps me upside my head


    • @ CBD – I am thrilled you found this post inspirational. Sorry you had to leave the grandparent babysitters behind but hopefully Pooh and the human clan will enjoying being back home.

      @ Jim (one of my very favorite names) – Negative people really put the kabosh on our dreams. I agree with what you said in your recent post “being positive can have an effect of your life”. We can create aka “attract” the lives we dream about. I’m also groovin’ on your blogging tips. Keep the tips coming!

      @ Leanne – My tips in a book? I’m open shining my Giggle On light to as many people as possible! And you! Miss fabulous colour woman (note I give respect to the UK spelling). I LOVE the photos on your site. Color therapy does wonders to improve moods. You’ve got some great suggestions at Rainbow Revolution. I will be baaaack!

      @ Lea – Me? A Giggle Button? I like that! I adored your latest post about Christina. You are the kind of friend anyone would be honored to have.

      @ Babs – Laughing til it hurts or until you pee your pants, whichever comes first! Congrats on the new camera Babs and Happy New Year!

  1. For sure No. 1 is critical. Avoid those who suck the energy out of you. As a “giver” I sometimes find that I allow myself to be depleted thru my efforts to help. I have come to the conclusion that regardless of what you do, some people are beyond help. They are their own worst enemies. It is also good to surround yourself or at least have in your life those who are positive and full of life. Nurture yourself…

  2. Speaking as a part-time professional at “Being In A Funk” (BAIF), I just want to tell you how grateful I am for you, Christa.
    This whole list is perfect. I should’ve read this a few days ago!

    Best thing for me are the simple messages/reminders we all receive in our mundane lives – all we need to do is NOTICE them. This morning I prayed for a sign that I would be able to pull out of a rough few days I recently had, and sure enough, here you are, sending me this link.

    YOU are an ANGEL!!!! xo

  3. @Annie – I do not want to sound like Giggle On (trademark) could not help you, but I like to think that you asked for an answer and received one.

    You are your own solution, always! You should remember that. Your feelings and prayers will help you to receive the things you need, and want in this life.

    Jim Gaudets last blog post..The Secret – Do you believe?

    • @ K at Interstitial – I like the term “get out of a funk”. Sometimes we get really sad, often times depression whacks us in the head hard but other times it’s a slump or a funk. We all down times and it’s always nice to get reminders about picking ourselves back up. We all have the ability to lift ourselves out of the pit of despair.

      @ Annie – BAIF – groovy acronym. Forget the “shoulda read a few days ago” stuff. Jim is right. This post came to you at the right time because you asked for an answer. We often ask God/Universe/Spirit for help and kudos to you for listening for the answer or being open to the sign that helped you. I dunno about being an angel but if I can have purple wings, I’m so in!

      @ Jim – Yes, yes…we ARE our own solution! I did a quick check on Google and isn’t taken. New blog idea perhaps? *laughing* I’d have to clone my clone to make that happen.

  4. O Dios Mio (Oh My God). That is a great idea. I am calling my business partner now and may buy that domain (if you haven’t already).
    I moved to Costa Rica about a year ago and on my first day I met my current business partner. After 3 hours of talking, we asked ourselves “how did we meet each other?”
    All we could think of is that we wanted to meet each other and God/Universe/Spirit gave us what we wanted. We both wanted a person to supplement each other, to caress our ideas and to help understand where we are going.
    If you purchased the domain, good for you. If I purchase it, you will be the first post on the site, and all credit goes to Giggle On!
    It’s funny, I can’t really remember how I first came to your blog, but I am very happy I did.

    Giggle On!

    ~ Jim

    Jim Gaudets last blog post..This is Way too Personal…

    • @ Jim – Nope, I haven’t bought the domain so get your credit card out and start buyin’ my blogger bruther. Sounds like you are the king of manifestation. Let’s call you KOM for short. How you describe meeting your business partner is EXACTLY how I envision meeting my next partner. I love having another person to create with and bounce back ideas. You are living the dream my man, livin’ the dream. Giggle On!

      I would be honored to be included in – perhaps you need one more partner, eh? Lots of my yoga friends are headed to Costa Rica next week for a yoga retreat. Financial resources are moving into my life to allow me to take the trip in the near future. I thank the universe in advance for the blessing.

      I’m not sure how you landed here either Jim but I am ticked purple (can’t say pink) that you did!

      Cheers to you, to your business partner and your combined passion to shine your light!!!

  5. The power of laughter must never be underestimated or taken for granted. I learned this years ago and it’s always true: “It costs you nothing to laugh.”

  6. You go giggle girlfriend! Somehow, you keep managing to top yourself. This is one of your most universal and potent articles or blog entries or streams of consciousness ever! Keep up the great, grandiose, giggling, goodies!

  7. Done. I have the domain. My partner and I are very excited about this. We have 5 other businesses at the moment, so this may take some time to get going. But we are both very positive and think this has great potential.

    For me, I have no issue bringing you in as a partner. We need all the help we can get. I will talk to my partner tomorrow in person and you will probably get an email from us.

    The best thing for me is being able to talk to my partner and really feel like we have a “plan” to move forward and succeed. I want to say I thank the Secret, but really I thank myself, and he does too.


    ~ KOM

    Jim Gaudets last blog post..An Open Letter to Protesters

  8. Glad Jim tweeted this. 🙂 I think #1 & #7 are huge! At work today, one of my coworkers started being very negative about another after he left and I could just feel all the fun we’d been having as a group earlier start to dissipate. Even if that person had been thinking this the whole time, our “energy” (or dynamic or something) was happy and playful for a lot of the day. It’s amazing what a single negative person can do.

    As for #7, I’ve wondered at times if there’s even a way one could write a blog post about the importance of doing. Maybe just write “no blog post today, go practice being happy!!”

    (and as an aside, very cool about Jim getting the domain!)

    Ruths last blog post..4 Hours of Sleep ≠ A Bad Day

    • @ Dax – Thanks for the compliment!

      @ Ruth – I don’t think I’ve ever been tweeted before (whistled at, yes) so this is a real honor. It’s a challenge to escape negative people, the “energy zappers” especially if they are co-workers, or worse, family! If more people realized the ramifications of their negativity on others, I believe they would change. I do believe the positive glass-half-full people, like you and your fun co-workers, are in a great position to shower this energy zapper with happy vibes. It may not have the desired effect you seek but you’d certainly earn great karma points trying. And yes, good old #7 – we bloggers need to be reminded to live more and type less! [step away from the PC Christa….step away….]

      @ Jim – well rock on with your bad KOM self for getting the domain! That’s taking the ball and running with it! Can I get a woo hoo and an Amen! I love the self-healing philosophy. We have amazing powers to heal ourselves and it is my passion to share this news with as many people as possible. Many people (including the old me) buy the story that “life sucks” when in fact “life rocks“! And Jim, I think we may have also crossed paths because of Matthew Dryden.

      @ Mitchel – It was my pleasure to tip and inspire. 🙂 Glad you feel better too….I best stop typing now so my ego can pat myself on my back. *laughing* And if you are hanging out in Costa Rica right now, let me say I am both happy and extremely envious. Touch the sand for me.

      @ Carrie – Giggle Girlfriend – ooohh ohhhh, I like that. That’s gigglicious!

      @ Owen – Laughter, smiles and giggles ALL FREE!!

  9. Yes! I figured it out… I met Ruth, from Cath Lawson. I then met you from Ruth. This is why I love the internet….

    Well, Mitchel Winters is my business partner and we are so happy to have read this blog and decided to move forward on our idea about self healing, well I can not think of a better term at the moment.

    i wanted to to give you some “link love” on our first post, but I think Ruth has a better idea for our 1st post.

    STOP READING ME and HAVE A GREAT DAY! You can do this on your own, I promise.

    Ruth, I find that the best way to deal with the negativity (especially if that person is not accepting anything but negativity) is to allow the other person to be negative without a response. This tends to stop the action, and allow me to ignore it.

    What most people want is a reaction. the lack of this tends to make them confused, and this helps the cause…

  10. hey christa,

    i really needed this info. i find myself in and out of moods all the time. i accept it even though being glum doesn’t feel like me.

    i listen to music to make myself feel better, i went to the gym today for the exercise you mentioned and popping in a comedy (movie) helps as well. maybe i dont always feel like laughing (did i just say that?), but i try not to stay in a funk for too long, i like when i’m up and about and being silly….rather than letting things pass me by.

    Naturals last blog post..You Know It’s Time To Give Up Blogging When….

  11. @ Natural. I think you are on the path..Acceptance helps you move forward, and in moving forward new things will come. If you are positive, I believe that positive things will come your way.

    Christa, Matthew Dryden is great! Of the 200+ RSS feeds I have he is one of the rare few that I read every word, every post. Not sure why, but I connect.

  12. “The joy of BEING, which is the only true happiness, cannot come to you through any form, possission, achievement, person, or event – through anything that happens. That joy cannot come to you–ever. It emanates from the formless dimension within you, from consciousness itself and thus is one with who you are.” — quote from a cool book

    • @ Natural – good for you for getting to the gym. Did you feel better after your workout? I just started back to the gym and the yoga studio after a few month break and I feel soooo much better. I’m off to a spinning class shortly. Next time you feel down, or funked out, hollar at me! I’ll do my very best to put a smile on your face. 🙂

      @ Doug – Happiness and joy come from within. Beautiful quote. Thank you for sharing it!

      @ Angi – Yes, even a short walk, a brief communion with nature can do wonders to boost our mood. It’s hard to be glum looking at the bright blue sky, the clouds, blue birds and spring flowers (my favorites)

    • @ JD – What kind of chocolate, meaning, what brand gets you going? I love Toblerone and I’d probably knock an old lady to the ground to steal it from her if I were really jonesing for chocolate but in a pinch, I’ll drink Hershey’s right out of the container. Nice Bacon post by the way. And hey, since your hubby likes bacon so much, think about buying him Bacon Gumballs, Bacon Floss or Bacon bandages for his next birthday!

      @ Tina T (Advice Maven) – I couldn’t agree with you more about dogs and how they help boost our mood. In my post More Dogs, Less Prozac I talk about the connection between mental health and pets. More dogs, less negativity!

  13. Happiness is very important part of life and what ever we do in life , the final objective remains the same i.e to be happy.But we eventually forget the main objective and run for other things like money,career ,success what not..One has to understand the we can be happy no matter what.Happiness does not depend upon failure or sucess. Its just a feeling we have to carry with.Either we win or loose , we can be happy.Its a mental feeling and if we really want to happy no can can stop us.Life is short and enjoy the most of it.
    Thanks for your tips and more similar tips is available here

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