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Giggle On is a dynamic laughter wellness company. We create spaces for people to laugh, play and engage. Our mission is to facilitate a happier planet, one person at a time.

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Pay attention to your employees. Engage them. Create opportunities for them to release negative emotions, gain inspiration and learn techniques to improve their mood.

Studies show co-workers who laugh together and play together not only stay together, but learn more and work better. (1) Our clients leave our sessions feeling happy. They report feeling more energized. Don’t believe us? Read what past clients like DuPont Company, the State of Delaware Health and Social Services Division of Public Health, Helen F. Graham Cancer Center have said about us.

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Our interactive, motivational and playful workshops, keynotes and icebreakers are hand crafted for organizations large and small. Click here or watch the video to learn more about what we can offer you.

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